2-yr filly disappoints Del Mar by dying


The irony was palpable when Josh Rubinstein, chief operating officer at Del Mar, opened up a Breeders’ Cup panel on health and safety protocols with news of a horse death Wednesday morning at the self-proclaimed safest big track in America.

It was the fifth racing or training fatality at the track this year, which is well below most major tracks.

Set the Tone, a 2-year-old filly, lost her rider during training, the bridle came loose and the saddle slipped underneath her. As she tried to exit the track, she hit a pole on a fence causing a wound and an unrepairable shoulder injury. She was immediately attended to by veterinarians and the decision was made to euthanize her. The filly, trained by Bob Hess, had run three times, finishing second twice. She was not entered in any Breeders’ Cup races.


Via the Los Angeles Times

What can we say that we have not already said.

Kill Racing. Not Horses.


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5 thoughts on “2-yr filly disappoints Del Mar by dying”

  1. AND I see that NBC is just now reporting the DEATH OF MEDINA SPIRIT at the close of a morning workout. Hmmm. Sure am wondering if the toxicology and PM (supposedly going to be done under the eagle eye of UC Davis per California procedural laws involving racehorse deaths there) results show an ENLARGED HEART maybe from STEROIDS??? Just maybe?? If I was a betting person I would bet Medina Spirit had an enlarged heart and there was a ruptured aorta. There’s a very special place reserved in the afterlife destination of Baffert and this wonderful horse’s clueless owners (or not clueless, something else much more nefarious). KILL RACING. STOP KILLING HORSES. I want to see Baffert doing the perp walk wearing shackles.


  2. They kid themselves big time with their so-called ‘safety protocols’ and smugly think that the public will swallow it.

    Well… ain’t they in for a rude shock because every day irrefutable evidence of animal cruelty in the horseracing industry is presenting itself day in day out…

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