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It’s National Horse Day 2021

It’s National Horse Day. National Horse Day is celebrated every December 13.

Horses have woven themselves into the fabric of American life. Civilization was built on the back of a horse. December 13 is a day to acknowledge and express gratitude for the economic, historic, and cultural contributions that horses have made.

Equine enthusiasts across the country will get together on December 13 to show their appreciation for these majestic creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or have never been on a horse in your life, check out some ways you can recognize the day.

How to Celebrate

• Go for a horseback ride. Whether you are an avid equestrian or a horse novice, take a ride to celebrate National Horse Day.

• Watch a horse movie, such as “Seabiscuit,” “Black Beauty,” “National Velvet.” And that’s just the beginning.

• Donate to an equine charity. Lots of organizations are dedicated to helping horses. Do some research and find out how you can help.

History of National Horse Day

In 2004, Congress designated December 13 as National Horse Day and, since then, Americans have been taking the day to celebrate and appreciate the role of the horse in not only helping our country become what it is today, but also the horse’s current role in the modern era.

After the primitive Native American horses died out between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago, today’s wild-horse species were reintroduced to America by European colonists in the late 1400s. They’ve since flourished in the great plains and mountainous west, where wild herds’ thunderous hooves are still heard to this day.

While the history of horse day may be new to the millennium, horses themselves have always been intrinsic to the lives of many Americans.

Why a National Horse Day

• Horses have been our companions for thousands of years. Humans have bonded with horses for a long time, so it only makes sense that there is a whole day dedicated to them.

• Horses have played a big role in developing American culture. They are ingrained in our history. Whether you are a horse person or not, you have surely witnessed America’s love for her horses.

• Horses make our lives better. They are not only beautiful but also bring a sense of enjoyment, camaraderie and nobility into the lives of people across the world.


This is our most loved video around here. Happy National Horse Day. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “It’s National Horse Day 2021”

  1. Two years ago to celebrate Horse Day I became a rehome for my third rescued pony or mini. This lovely pony arrived at my little farm on Christmas Eve and fulfilled the little girl Christmas pony dream I’d had six decades ago right down to the long blonde tail that swept the ground. Currently, I also foster a miniature gelding that is the beloved pet of a deployed soldier. My third tiny horse is a mini mare who has been with me for 25 years. If you can rehome a rescue – that is, if you have the means and the right setting to do that – please please do that or at least foster a rescue at a sanctuary (sanctuaries don’t rehome rescues and could sure use the financial help especially these days). Lots of people want to rehome a horse they can ride, so the small ponies and minis don’t get adopted as often as the bigger horses. Little horses are perfect for older horse people that don’t ride anymore but still want and need a horse in their life.

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  2. Thanks for this TH.
    During lockdown I watched some old (1950s) black and white movies on TV. John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Burt Lancaster to name a few riding/tending horses. I was glued to the horses, watching their behaviour and the tasks asked of them were challenging sometimes e.g. going up sandhills hooked up to wagons, crossing rivers. And transporting families in their covered wagons along with their possessions looking to settle in the wild frontier and make a new life for themselves. And the scenery of vast plains, beautiful mountains and rivers was truly something else!
    The magnificent horse obligingly served man and man would not have made it without them.

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