New information extends racehorse abuser Amanda Cobb’s suspension

The BloodHorse magazine reports:

Ten days before Mid-Atlantic trainer Amber Cobb would have served out a 60-day suspension for abusing a horse in her care, the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission extended that suspension [on] Sept. 10.

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“After receiving new information, the stewards summarily suspended Amber Cobb, which means she cannot operate in Delaware until she’s had a hearing before the board of stewards, if she chooses to have a hearing,” said Sarah Crane, executive director of the Delaware commission.

Crane said new information about Cobb was provided to the commission after a video of Cobb beating a horse tied up in a stall with a plastic pitchfork “went viral” this summer. Crane said she could not discuss what new information was provided because it would be addressed during the hearing.

“Amber is still entitled to due process and the hearing is where she will be presented with this information,” said Crane. “I can tell you the new information is not related to the video.”

Under Delaware rules, either the commission or stewards can “based on the report and advice of the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau premised upon its investigation … or other investigative sources … may bar or eject any person, permanently or for a lesser period, from licensee’s grounds or any part thereof who, by reasons of his or her past or contemplated conduct or associations is, or would be, in any direct or indirect way detrimental to the continued maintenance and promotion of high standards for honesty, integrity, and propriety in all Thoroughbred racing conducted in Delaware.”

Cobb does not have any horses stabled at Delaware Park, according to Crane, and is denied access to all facilities in the state until the hearing is held.”

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4 thoughts on “New information extends racehorse abuser Amanda Cobb’s suspension”

  1. I cannot get the video of that poor horse trying to climb the wall to get away from that descusting sub human and that awful voice gave me the chills. She should never be allowed to be around any animal and definitely no horses. She should have jail time. There is nothing that can justify this abuse. I am surprised it didn’t break it’s neck being tied like that. I cry for that beautiful animal.


  2. There needs to be an animal abuse case brought forth and she needs to be banned for life. No way should she be near any animal. That is not a horse trainer. She is an abuser. Horse Racing has to rid people like her from the industry.

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  3. I have just seen this video. I’m still shaking. Why at this point, on September 16, 2021, has this vicious, animal terrorizer even allowed to have a squirrel in her backyard? Why hasn’t your animal-protection services not raided her property? If I lived in some countries I’d be asking why she’s not dead yet. It’s like discovering a woman, across the street from where you live, tie up her 3 year old daughter and terrorize her the exact same way AND THEN GET AWAY WITH IT! How? Why?

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