Four racehorses dead on opening day at Rillito

“You know what, it’s [a] sadness you don’t get over,” Rillito Racetrack General Manager Mike Weiss said. “But I’m excited for next weekend.”

TV station KVOA report that four race horses are dead following 2022’s first weekend of racing at Tucson’s famed horse track, Rillito Park.

According to the Rillito Racing Management Team, two horses broke down after racing, another died in an accident in the saddle area and another died of natural causes.

Gary Vella, president of the local SPEAK chapter (Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom), said his animal rights organization was protesting out at Rillito both Saturday and Sunday.

“Every time they step out of the gate there, it’s a roll of the dice whether they’ll make it around the track without an injury,” Vella said. “And too many of the injuries require that the animal be euthanized. End horse racing now, that’s the only way you’re going to end the deaths.”

This is the tip of a huge racehorse killing iceberg across the entire US. Learn more at »

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