NZ trainer busted for tubing and administering the deadly drug formalin

Sam Sherwood, reporting for STUFF, writes: Details of a secret sting that caught disgraced harness racing trainer Jesse Alford injecting two horses with a prohibited substance have emerged at a hearing where integrity officials called for him to be banned from the sport for nine years. On February 25 they caught him red-handed as he injected two… Continue reading NZ trainer busted for tubing and administering the deadly drug formalin

Is ending horse racing within our power?

Racehorse in red hood. The Horse magazine online.

In an article entitled "My Turn: It's not all mint juleps and fancy hats", for the May 5, 2021 Opinion Column of the Concord Monitor, Emily Murphy writes: Ending horse racing is within our power. Look to greyhound racing for proof of that. Only three states now have greyhound tracks. After a long awareness campaign… Continue reading Is ending horse racing within our power?

Should today’s horse racing worry about its digital counterpart?

All you have to do is read Jane Allin's article Gene Doping in the Equine Athlete: The New Normal in the “Art of Cheating”? to see what today's horse racing is the U.S. is all about — doping and cheating. Cheating and doping are of course only two of today's horse racing's multitude of sins.… Continue reading Should today’s horse racing worry about its digital counterpart?

Gambling and horse racing

Gambling sustains horse racing. Without it, horse racing would shrivel up and blow away. History tells us so. Think the Seabiscuit story, brought to the nation's attention in the excellent book and movie by Lauren Hillenbrand. Let's take a look at what American Experience tells us about the time period, By the time the Great… Continue reading Gambling and horse racing

Mangini pleads guilty in race-doping scheme

Here They Come(c) Dave

Florida resident faces 5 years in jail for scheme involving Servis, Navarro horses. THE BLOODHORSE reports: An operator of several pharmaceutical websites charged with conspiring to unlawfully distribute adulterated and misbranded performance-enhancing drugs for racehorses with the intent to defraud and mislead pled guilty April 23 in United States District Court. Scott Mangini, 55, had… Continue reading Mangini pleads guilty in race-doping scheme

Why people are paying €100,000 to breed digital horses online

Bonus — No animals harmed By Shannon McDonagh | EuroNews, Living Section McDonagh writes: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have existed for over half a decade but have found their place in tech since the beginning of this year, having permeated art, music, and most recently, sport. The latest chapter of the crypto-boom is leading to thousands… Continue reading Why people are paying €100,000 to breed digital horses online