Wild Horses, Salazar and You

Washington insider Politico predicts US Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar will be fired following mid-term elections in November.

The President is distancing himself by being openly critical of Salazar’s mismanagement of his duties. Salazar is responding with last ditch efforts to stay.

The demand for impeachment, investigation and prosecution in connection with the criminal destruction of America’s wild horses and burros will certainly push him through the exit door for good.

You can help with that process by making a donation.

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Protests are being organized across the country on behalf of our wild horses and burros, and we are excited to announce that Grey Beard Bandit are performing live at the Las Vegas rally. You can be part of the excitement by making a supporting donation.

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11 thoughts on “Wild Horses, Salazar and You”

  1. Please Everyone keep those phone call going to the Presidents comment line, and ken Salazar ……………………………Phone numbers Presidents comment line 202-456-1111 Ken Salazar 202-208-3100 These calls are very important tell everyone you know to also to call…………………… Our Horses Need All Our Voices……………….. Make your messages to both short and clear that America wants Our Wild Mustangs FREE TO ROAM………..in no uncertain terms will will allow The BLM to continue its needless vicious attacks on our Icons and The Spirit Of America ,Our Mustangs . They represent Freedom, we will not let them be torture any more…!!!!!!!!!


  2. there are a couple of possibilities being talked about for a replacement for salazar. Bill Richardson and this discussion I ran across at wildlife news:
    I’m sorry that the best choice for Obama’s head of Interior did not come to pass during the transition form Kempthorne . That would be Raul Grijalva.

    Maybe it will happen yet, after the election . He’s still serving in the House I believe, Tucson district . He deserves a better look. I hope he’s on the short list. Salazar has to go…too much an appeaser and too friendly to ranchers.

    I became a Grijalva fan when he released a report in 2008 called “The Bush Administration’s Assaults on Our National Parks, Forests and Public Lands”, which accused the Bush administration of mismanaging public land and reducing barriers to commercial access. He’s also a big advocate of long overdue 1872 Mining Act Reform.

    Maybe we can lobby Obama to give Grijalva a second shot, if he’s willing.
    Both friends of the wild horses and you can be sure they would be replacing Abbey


  3. Salazar AND Abbey must go. They are a disaster to this administration and an embarrasment to a country that calls itself a Democracy. Perhaps there is hope for
    the President.
    Viva la Mustangs!


  4. Getting rid of Salazar FINALLY! Please help in any way you can. The very lives of our Wild Horses depend on it. Keep up the phone calls and e-mails and donate if you can. A glimmer of hope is out there, let’s make it happen.


  5. Just wanted to also let everyone know that I call the Presidents comment line everyday as many times i can 202-456-1111, usually get the same people to comment to, now when i call they are sympathizing and giving phone numbers of Ken Salazar, and ask for me to also tell them …………………………Ken Salazar 202-208-3100 our Horses need our voices , Please use them……………………….to speak out for the Mustangs………………….


  6. I am glad to hear about Mr . ken Salazar, I would be even happier for our Mustangs if Mr. Bob Abbey was dealt with in much the same manner……….. Iam also excited by the thought of a rally in Las Vegas with that truly wonderful Song by Gray Beard Bandit and video By Ms . Vivian Grant both are an inspiration for all America………………….Our Wonderful Symbols of Freedom and our Icons need our voices , both Song and Video present this to America………………They have suffered silently for far toooooo long, God Bless all here……….. for there relentless efforts . Please keep them coming !!! The Mustangs need all your help…………………..


  7. Thank-you Vivian and all the wonderful wild horse & burro advocates. Also thank God for all fighting against corruption and against those in the BLM , USF & Wildlife Service and USFS who are destroying our public lands, water, native plants and wildlife instead of protecting them. We will not stop until we have justice.


    1. We are scouting out the right location. Will decide today. It is a bit different when you have a band performing live too! Might be at Horseman’s Park. Looks like being second week of October though. When we have it nailed down we will let everybody know.


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