Ohio court orders garnishment for Leroy Baker’s unpaid fines

Leroy Baker is being forced to pay $177,559.51 in fines in connection with animal abuse violations at his livestock auction in Sugarcreek, Ohio, by the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio who have ordered garnishment of Baker’s bank accounts in order to collect the outstanding monies.

Following a meeting in April 2011 with Sugarcreek officials and Leroy Baker, Animals’ Angels was informed by the Ohio District Court that they had notified Baker that a garnishment is being taken by the United States government.

Copies of the Writ of the continuing garnishment were subsequently sent to Baker’s financial institutions.

According to court documents obtained by Animals’ Angels, the financial institutions have responded and disclosed the amount of monies available for garnishment.

Baker was originally ordered to pay $162,800.00 by the USDA on October 1st, 2008. However, Baker refused to pay and called the decision and the charges against him “bogus”.

Following pressure from horse advocates, on October 27, 2010, the Ohio District Court confirmed its earlier decision and ordered Baker to pay $172,621.66. In March 2011, Animals’ Angels issued a release questioning government officials why this debt remains uncollected, calling supporters to action. Ohio officials received thousands of letters, email and phone calls regarding the issue, spurring the garnishment collection process.

Source: Edited Animal Angels’ Press Release

11 thoughts on “Ohio court orders garnishment for Leroy Baker’s unpaid fines”

  1. In this world today the very rich and well off need to be acountable for their actions, I am not familiar with the details in this case but if the court said pay buy March the there has to be a else. And good for them that they are taking it. Maybe a little justice is at hand.


  2. Why does the Court have to be ultimatley shamed into taking action? He should of sat in jail until it was paid in full, period! I will never understand why these animal abusing dirtbags still manage to catch breaks from the courts. The Courts should WANT to pound them at sentencing time.


  3. I want to commend Animals’ Angels for really keeping up with this but I want to say how utterly ridiculous it is that we have to sit there literally force them to do their job. It should have never come to that.


  4. Too bad that was all they did to him. I am a Christian, but it is difficult to “love” this enemy. He deserves far worse – but then, he will pay…someday. I just hope they bankrupt him and shut him down. I would call him an animal, but then that would be insulting all the animals out there.


    1. Our pleasure Brandi. Great work, as always, by Animals Angels, and of course all the people who participated with phone calls, emails and faxes. Well done everyone.


  5. Old Leroy will finally have to pay. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Lets hope the IRS sees fit to take a look at his finances.


  6. OMG I am so Happy Finally he must pay , what that monster did to those innocent horses was a horror beyond speakable, I commend all efforts to get justice for the hoards of magnificent horses lives that this monster destroyed for his own monatary gains…………………The horses he slaughtered may now Rest in Peace, now to complete the Justice his horse auction of HORROR must be shut down forever…………….And placed in its PLACE a safe place for horses to dwell…….. and a Beautiful Monument placed in front for all the lives of so many innocent horses who were terrorized and lost to slaughter by this BEAST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  7. I’m glad after some prodding, the court has decided to garnish Mr. Baker’s bank accounts. It seems that this is the only way financial amends will be made :o)


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