Trucker exposes Three Angels slaughter monger Dorian Ayache of horse cruelty

THIS PAST MONDAY a tractor trailer hauling 38 horses to slaughter overturned in Tennessee. Three horses were euthanized due to the severity of their injuries. The remaining horses were reloaded, and left in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, driven straight through to a feedlot in Presidio, Texas, to await slaughter.

WSMV Ch. 4 in Nashville, Tennessee, has been covering the story. Below are the opening paragraphs of a report filed of an interview who trucked horses for Dorian Ayache, owner of the horses in the Tennessee tragedy. Go straight to WSMV for the full story or continue reading below.

Posted by email from NANCY AMONS for Ch. 4 News

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A trucker who says he unknowingly drove horses to their deaths at a border slaughterhouse is telling his story to Channel 4.

He doesn’t want his name used because he now works for another company, so we agreed to call him “Bob.”

Bob made a run for Three Angels Farms in Lebanon in 2010. He says the owner, Dorian Ayache, lied to him and told him he would be hauling a load of cattle to Texas. Bob says when he arrived to pick up the cattle, he was told the plan had changed and that he would be delivering horses to Texas.

They loaded about 70 horses on two livestock trailers; the driver says he immediately felt uncomfortable when Ayache began striking the horses with a fiberglass rod when they were reluctant to board the trailer.

“He would swat them as hard as he could,” Bob says. “I didn’t feel comfortable at all about it, I thought it was wrong.”

The driver says Ayache insisted on leaving at night and told him not to fill out his log book until he arrived in Texas.

In Texarkana, Bob says Ayache told him, “If the Texas Highway Patrol stops us, tell him we picked up the horses here in Texarkana.”

The driver didn’t know the reason.

Horses that are imported from out of state require health certificates, which Bob says they didn’t have. Continue to the WSMV website for full report >>


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12 thoughts on “Trucker exposes Three Angels slaughter monger Dorian Ayache of horse cruelty”

  1. How dare you call your farm Three Angel Farm. You make me want to puke. Your suppose to save horses Dorian Aryache!!!!!!!!1 But no you send horses to there death. and for .37 cents a pound. It’s been told you made $11.100.00. Your evil greedy and you know maybe you should hook up with Kelsey Lefever. Your two of a kind. Also you had to pay off someone. How can you look at yourself in the mirror. Hope you have nightmares about them horses being killed.


  2. I agree Barb that getting a federal law in place in the US to ban horse slaughter and transport to slaughter would be a big advantage, for awhile anyway. As long as people want to eat horse meat someone will kill them for it so they can make money. The slaughter people and their veterinary, political and breeding cronies will be right along there with them to get laws banning horse slaughter overturned so they can operate. It is a most vulgar business.


  3. If we could get the two bills passed H.R.2966 and S.1176 stopping US horses from being sent out of the country to Canada and Mexico to be killed it would pretty much shut down almost all the slaughter plants in both of these countries because it’s US horses that keep them open for business. Because if that could be done it might help stop horses in Canada from being killed too. They sure wouldn’t have enough horse meat to make it pay to ship the meat to the EU.


  4. How could it be that Jerry Finch was not all over this? I had hope that he would find a way to intervene. This makes me beyond angry, it makes me incredibly sad.



    1. We were told that the driver transporting drove all the way through from TN to TX because he knew we were on his tail. We did not have anyone who could get there in time at that short notice, none of us. Texas is a vast state. By the time our investigator got there the next morning there was no sign. So either they took them to another feedlot, or simply changed drivers and took off again across the border. He was told — not politely — to get the heck out of the area. Typical.


      1. That is beyond words. I am so angry over this. What is happening to this Country? Sometimes I want to move to Canada and fight it up there. I do not even recognize my own Country anymore.



      2. Hi this is Karen a very concerned citizen in Lebanon TN.
        We are very angry that is has been under our nose and had no clue. I did use my iphone w satellite and saw the slaughter lot they keep the horses. address is 151 Mill Road Lebanon Tn. 37087 You can do the same. Mr Aryache did get another truck and went to Dixon Tn stockyard at the wee hours of the morning to load all horses up and take to Presidio TX were there is a broker there who pays up $300 a head or more to Aryache. He pays his drivers cash, also illegal. 2 more things that were illegal and our official here let go was, all horses leaving property must have verification of neg Coggins, also Tn law is horses leaving TN must have Health Certificate on each horse. So How can this be that the emergency Vet let these horses go. Mr Aryache had non of these papers. I am baffled. Must of been a good pay off for Vet and officials this night!


          1. I don’t even know where to start. I have emailed the reporter a couple of times but no response. The whole thing went quite


  5. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!!!!! Three angels farm is HELL for horses! I hope this leads to its shut down!!!!!!

    THIS ACCIDENT HAPPEN FOR A REASON, it was to expose the farm and what it does! I HOPE EVERYONE INVOLVED AT three angels farm GOES TO JAIL


    1. I have tried to post as I have lived here where this accident happened for 25 yrs.NO one cares in this area, and that includes vets, humane associations, or law enforcement


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