Wild Horses. Google image.

BLM offers $1,000 reward concerning wild horses found shot to death

Wild Horses

BLM officials are investigating the apparent shooting deaths of two wild horses in the Newland Reservoir area, near the Nevada state line in northeastern Lassen County, California.

BLM crews were working on a prescribed burn on April 3rd in the area, and that’s where they found the remains which officials say had likely been there for several weeks.

The BLM is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Anyone with information about this crime should contact Kynan Barrios, BLM law enforcement special agent in charge, at 530-224-2181.

Source: KTVN News, Channel 2 Reno

7 thoughts on “BLM offers $1,000 reward concerning wild horses found shot to death”

  1. I don’t trust the blm, either. Not on ANYTHING.they say, not one little bit. And I don’t believe for one second that they care about these horses that were killed. In my opinion, they only post these SMALL rewards when something like this comes up, just to pacify the horse advocates, and to those who don’t already know what a shady bunch of crooks they are.


  2. Sorry, but don’t hardly trust anything the BLM sez. I smell coverup, most probably the 2 horses got caught up in the prescribed burn and died and BLM is trying to cover it up.


  3. When the innocent don’t matter, no one else does either. A thousand might motivate a buddy to tell the BLM. Low life tends to brag about killing something superior to themselves.

    Fast cash motivates everything these people do. Nothing else matters to them. These people live this way.

    I hope they get caught and do some serious time. They will undoubtedly have records anyway, like unpaid child support, etc. Cowards like these always have criminal records and maybe that can help bring them time in prison. Fines won’t get paid anyway. Seldom does low life bother with work so garnishment is not likely to be successful.


    1. @mpclarck

      I can’t find the thread anymore due to the profuse comments but you were wondering about the Canadian efforts regarding horse slaughter etc.

      I apoligise in being so remiss for not sending you the link for the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition and equally my apologies to the CHDC.

      They are the most influental group in Canada in terms of advocacy for horses and horse slaughter.

      If you want to know everything and all about this in our country you need look no further than this


      The CHDC is comprised of a group of phenomenally committed and passionate individuals. I love them all and am so proud of what our country does through these remarkable individuals. I have nothing but respect!



      1. Jane, You are so right. I am a regular blog reader (and sometimes commenter) to the CHDC and I think they are wonderful. With Cynthia, Vivian and some others (incl Animal Angels USA), I am able to get somewhat up to speed on these issues quickly. I have little time and follow worthwhile sources of important information like this blog and others.

        Without reliable and educated opinions and information, I would not be able to keep track of this and related topics. I check and use these sites and sources all the time.

        I don’t know what I would do without these sources. They are a very valuable gift to all of us. I use this information online as I advocate and contact others re ending slaughter, abuse, rescue…the list goes on.

        I agree especially about the work done by the Canadians. They provide a wealth of resources for us to use here in the US. I am very grateful for their work.


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