RAFALCA by Markus Schreiber AP.

Memo from Rafalca: Can’t a horse prance in peace?

Memo to those making hay out of my human employers: Hay is for horses, and we all do what we need to do

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RAFALCA by Markus Schreiber AP.
Rafalca is ridden by Jan Ebeling from United States during the equestrian dressage competition, at the 2012 Summer Olympics, on Aug. 2, 2012, in London. Photograph by Markus Schreiber/AP Photo.


Dear Humans,

Let me start by apologizing for any typos, I’m writing this on a touch screen and my stable is rather dark.

It has come to my attention in recent months that I have become a bit of a joke. That’s fine, I have a thick coat. What is more troubling is that people seem genuinely angry at my mere existence. I’ve been booed, jeered and ranted about on your televisions. Many humans seem deeply invested in me. I don’t like that.

I’m just a horse, I didn’t ask for any of this, this is just my job and in this economy you take what you can get and hold on to it as tightly as possible. Do I want to be a dancing horse? Think about that question for a second. How many horses do you know love dancing like humans? Continue reading >>

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