Horsemeat pulled from shelves at Dieppe

Ground Horse Meat Canada
Horse meat is being removed from the shelves in Canada reports CBC News. Reason unknown, or unstated.

Cross-posted from CBC News

CANADA — A Sobeys in Dieppe has pulled the horsemeat from its shelves that it had recently started selling, says the store’s meat manager.

He would not say why the meat had been removed.

CBC News contacted Sobeys’ head office in Nova Scotia, but no one was available for comment.

Not everyone had been convinced it would sell.

Chef Emmanuel Charretier, who runs a fine dining restaurant in Dieppe and grew up in France eating horsemeat, didn’t think Monctonians were going to rush to the grocer’s coolers for the frozen ground meat.

“You know, I’m having duck, rabbit, which sometimes is a big issue for some people. Some people won’t eat that kind of meat. So, horse? No, they are not ready for that,” said Charretier.

“I don’t think I’m going to have it on my menu one day.”

Riverview butcher Bruce Perry says he won’t carry horsemeat in his meat shop either. He says he’s against it personally and he doesn’t think it will sell.

He’s also worried it will upset his customers.

“A lot of people have horses as pets and they think of them as one of the family, and I agree,” Perry said.

But horsemeat is big business in Quebec, according to horsemeat processor Richelieu Meats. Quebecers eat roughly 150,000 portions of horse meat every week, company officials said.

Canada is one of the largest exporters of horsemeat in the world, with most of the meat being shipped to Europe.

Sobeys in Dieppe is selling the ground meat for $12 per kilogram, just over $5 a pound.

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6 thoughts on “Horsemeat pulled from shelves at Dieppe”

  1. Serious issue our health, I am glad that even though they wont specify why it got pulled, if they have to throw it away it just proves we have been slaughtering horses for no reason. Because you dont withdraw a product unless there is a reason for it. So instead of trying to ferret out a reason contact your states legislators, we need this ban to go through and stop all of this chaos-if Canada wants horse meat then they can raise their own animals for it-believe you me-they are killing nearly as many of their own animals as they are taking US horses away. Before they HARVEST our pets away-we need to get this under control. Be firm, honest, and stay with the facts-the other side has gone way over the edge with lies so we are able to prove that with hard facts it reveals their lies to get the slaughter houses opened back up. To stop greed we need to strive to put together a ban that keeps them from being able to contest it within a few years, by then a few years older and these people supporting and driving will be too tired to try it again. So lets get this done! SAy we WILLNOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER we will SHOUT if from the rooftops END SLAUGHTER!


  2. I went to the newspaper to read the comments. These people are wacko’s. They don’t pay any attention to another commenter stating that the horse meat is toxic. That is what would happen if horse meat was sold in the U.S. There is no way of knowing how many cases of aplastic anemia has turned up in Europe over the years. U.S. horse meat has been shipped to Europe for decades. It’s like trying to tell smokers that they can take cancer from smoking. Your wasting your breath.


  3. Horses are not raised for human consumption! dont people read about all the carcinagens in the horse meat?? dont people want to be healthy?? maybe allot of people dont know, help educate them.


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