James Gagliano promotes horse racing bill that can put fox back in charge of the henhouse

Horse tied in stall. Photo credit: HorseRacingKills.com.
Horse tied in stall. Photo credit: HorseRacingKills.com.

Who is James Gagliano? Gagliano is the president and chief operating officer of The Jockey Club, which is a member of the Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity.

Gagliano wrote an article for “The Hill”, Washington D.C.’s influential blog entitled, “Restoring integrity to horse racing“.

Pretty much the only bit of information in Gagliano’s composition that rings true is “. . . recent polling found that while the vast majority of adults in the U.S. called horse racing both exciting and fun to watch, only 14% had a very favorable view of the industry.”

I wonder why that is. In part the answer is the fact that the public has at long last caught on that U.S. racing matter of factly drugs and kills its horses.

I will not sport with your intelligence by laying out his argument FOR H.R. 3084. We strongly encourage you to take a stand against this weak piece of legislation. For all intents and purposes it is useless.

What we object to most concerning H.R. 3084 is that if anti-doping agency USADA withdraws is leaves horse racing once again to police itself. And we know how well that is working — a plethora of drugged and dead racehorses.

In our opinion, Gagliano and his Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity have about as much interest in promoting the health and safety of racehorses as the people who take part in horse soring, slaughter, tripping, fighting and so forth.

Come on, give racehorses a break will you?

We urge everyone who cares about the lives of American racehorses to join us in support of H.R. 2641. Find your U.S. Representative.

Jane Allin has written a comprehensive and illuminating report on this subject. Please see “Will federal legislation save American racing or help its horses? Don’t bet on it.; Tuesday’s Horse; August 14, 2015. Pdf version here.

See also Jo Anne Normile’s comparison chart relating to these two bills.

Make a donation to support our lobbying IN SUPPORT OF H.R. 2641 and against H.R. 3084. The lives of racehorses depends on it.

Learn more about H.R. 2641 at Thomas.gov.

— H.R. 2182, Coronado Heights Horseracing Deregulation Act of 2015
— S. 1174, Teller All Gone Horseracing Deregulation Act of 2015

Why is this legislation more important than any other pending before Congress? Because it would remove essential revenues that help keep horse racing alive. See Bloodhorse.com article, “Repeal Interstate Simulcast Law.”

Find your U.S. Representative [1] »
Find your U.S. Senators [2] »

3 thoughts on “James Gagliano promotes horse racing bill that can put fox back in charge of the henhouse”

  1. If James Gagliano, chief operating officer of The Jockey Club of the USA, has to resort to comparing the use of drugs in cycling and other real sports in the Olympics with the (legal and illegal) drugging of racehorses, then how pathetic is that! Comparing humans who decide for themselves as to what they put into their bodies with voiceless helpless horses who have no say, who are subjected to such unacceptable DRUG abuse all in the name of gambling and human entertainment, is outrageous. Horseracing is not a sport. He’s grasping at straws here, the situation is dire and the racing industry knows it, it has lost the confidence of the public. Animal abuse is no longer accepted by today’s society.


  2. The racing industry is once again playing PR games and pretending that they favor horseracing reform. Nonsense. Trusting the Jockey Club to reduce the deadly carnage that is racing, to significantly undercut the need for replacement horses, is exactly like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.

    Sadly. the Jockey Club has hoodwinked a number of caring people into buying into their pretense. The Water, Hay and Oats Alliance (WHOA) and the Humane Society of the United States have unfortunately endorsed the Jockey Club’s legislative proposal. Theindustry’s meaningless bill applies only to thoroughbred racing and would essentially codify pre-race drugs and practices that enable injured horses to compete while injured.

    Instead, I support the legislation introduced by Senator Tom Udall:
    S. 1174, Teller All Gone Horseracing Deregulation Act of 2015
    and Representative Joe Pitts:
    H.R. 2182, Coronado Heights Horseracing Deregulation Act of 2015

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