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3 horses stolen from Sarasota pasture
by Channel 10 News Staff, WTSP


Sarasota, FLA — The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crimes Unit is investigating the Grand Theft of three horses from a pasture off Dog Kennel Road in eastern Sarasota County.

Police say the horses were taken sometime between 4 p.m. Sunday and 2 p.m. Tuesday.

“Shooter” is a grey Quarter Horse gelding approximately 15.5 hands high with a frozen L brand. “Spider” is a red roan Appaloosa gelding and “Velvet” is a dark gorilla paint Quarter Horse mare.

A possible suspicious vehicle was seen during that time and it was a white Dually pickup truck pulling a red stock trailer.

Anyone with information is asked to call 941-861-4087.

See http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/2015/11/12/3-horses-stolen-sarasota-pasture/75646078/

See also Horse owner offering reward to find three missing horses in Sarasota County, http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/local-news/horse-owner-offering-reward-to-find-three-missing-horses-in-sarasota-county


Tell Whole Foods: Don’t Sell HMA-Fed Meat
by American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Ranchers who sell beef to Whole Foods Market are behind the largest mustang roundup of 2015-2016 is now underway in southern Oregon.

Whole Foods Market is striving toward ethical food sourcing, but there is nothing ethical about the way wild horses and burros are wiped out to make room for more private livestock grazing on our public lands.

The massive roundup under way in Oregon is being conducted specifically due to pressure from the Beatys Butte Grazing Association, so its members can run more cattle on the public lands in the Beatys Butte Herd Management Area, which is a federally designated wild horse habitat. Several members of the Beatys Butte Grazing Association — including its president — market their beef through a cooperative called Country Natural Beef, which is a major provider of beef to Whole Foods Market. Click here to send your message to Whole Foods »

See also http://www.wildhorsepreservation.org/media/help-rescue-24-virginia-range-horses-who-face-slaughter-auction


Horses used as experimental component in therapy
by KRQE, Albuquerque

Horses are natural teachers of leadership, communication, team work, social skills, and integrity. Because they are prey animals, horses are highly sensitive and provide immediate, clear, and nonbiased feedback. Interacting with horses offers a unique opportunity to experience the subtle and not-so-subtle impact of how we are showing up in our relationships.

See http://krqe.com/2015/11/12/horses-used-as-experimental-component-in-therapy/

More tomorrow. Plus our account of what happened to the nine abandoned Thoroughbred horses.

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