Horse soring "stacks" on the front hooves of a Tennessee Walking Horse at Big Lick competition. HSUS.

Attendance at “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty show at a 50 year low

Clant Seay and the people who protest at “Big Lick” animal cruelty events with him — plus every one of you who contacted your U.S. Representative making that historic landslide victory in the U.S. House 333 to 96 possible— are the true heroes of the “sored” Tennessee Walking Horse. Take action in the U.S. Senate.

Mr. Seay reports the following regarding this year’s Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, where horses are “sored” to give them an unnaturally high stepping gait:

SHELBYVILLE, TN – (c) A devastating landslide vote (333 to 96) in the U. S. Congress, along with the determined protests by “WE, The People” – Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty (CCABLAC), have cut attendance at Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration to a shocking 50 year low — fewer than 25,000 actual attendance (persons occupying seats at the Celebration events).

Based on eye-witnesses and photographs, the 2019 Celebration attendance was under 25,000 for the ten (10) nights of the event.

A lifetime Celebration patron said, “A ten night event has essentially now become a one night horse show”. The 2019 Celebration actual attendance was paltry, except for the first Saturday and the second Friday and Saturday.

Read more, view all the empty seats at Mr. Seay’s “Billy Go Boy” website »

Here is this year’s Grand Champion. Look at the horse. Look at the rider.

Rodney Dick and Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion I'm Mayhem. Photo by Gary Johnson (Times-Gazette).
Rodney Dick and Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion I’m Mayhem. Photo by Gary Johnson (Times-Gazette).

You can watch this part of their hideous show featuring the eventual winner pictured above and the still frame of the video below. You can also see how sparsely attended it is now. Let’s get rid of it altogether.

No rational, decent human being can perpetuate these atrocities and inflict the endless, daily suffering on these horses in order to get this gait without being socially and morally challenged, and in some cases have shown to be dangerous to humans as well.

Case in point: On more than one occasion, “Big Lick” participants enraged at protesters have tried to run them down with their trucks. These protesters were doing nothing more than standing out of the way on a patch of grass, holding up signs.

FOSH President Teresa Bippen is nearly run down and killed by a black truck pulling a trailer during a peaceful protest of horse soring at a Big Lick event in Columbia, Tennessee. That's Teresa in the pink top on the right, behind the sign she is holding. Photo: Billy Go Boy.
FOSH President Teresa Bippen is nearly run down and killed by a black truck pulling a trailer during a peaceful protest of horse soring at a Big Lick event in Columbia, Tennessee. That’s Teresa in the pink top on the right, behind the sign she is holding. Photo: Billy Go Boy.

Learn more in Clant Seay’s full report about this year’s “Celebration” »

New to the issue?

Horse soring is a painful practice used to accentuate a horse’s gait to win big prizes, such as Tennessee Walking Horse competitions.

This is accomplished by irritating the hooves and forelegs through the injection or application of chemical or mechanical irritants.

As a sored horse tries to escape the intense pain in his front feet and lower legs, he snatches them up giving the “desired effect” known as the “Big Lick.”

See full Fact Sheet on The Horse Fund website » • Take Action for Sored Horses »


13 thoughts on “Attendance at “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty show at a 50 year low”

  1. I’ve never heard of this event before reading this . This is horrible! I was looking at the audience. There are people clapping and dancing to the music as these horses are in so much pain. Good article. I hope that people stop attending that kind of event. Nobody should attend any event with horses where the horses are being tortured like that.


  2. Sadistic! I once attended one of these shows and one of the horses was removed from the ring because it could not put weight on its front feet. I followed the horse back to the stall. It immediately laid down and kept groaning. The farrier pulled nails out of the soft part of the two hooves and blood poured out. It was just sickening to watch. This horrendous abuse of animals must end. BTW, I am a large animal veterinarian.


  3. It looks hideous, painful and unnatural. Those men riding are all huge monsters causing these pr horses pain. And do the still bre as k th er ir tails to make rhem stand like that?? Despicable excuses for ‘horsemanship’.


  4. Sadistic Disgrace Imoral Stupudity Inhumane Horrendous!! Poor Hourses forced to indure such atrocieties! They should all be thrown in JAIL if we have “LAWS” against animal cruelty WHAT HAPPENED HERE!?!?!? ITS TIME TO END THESE HORRIFIC ABUSES NOW!! Hold them all ACCOUNTABLE for these heinous acts of cruelty!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This procedure needs to be done to the owners of these horses. Give them a taste of what the horses feel. This is cruel and inhuman treatment of beautiful horses all for money and fame. This needs to stop!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The face and eyes of the so-called world champion horse tells a horrific story of severe pain and suffering. Look at the eyes, not even fully open. How come that Big Lick thing is still going? hasn’t there been enough exposure for the public sitting in the stands and watching to be ashamed of being seen there?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So much appreciation goes to Clant Seay for standing up for theses horses and bringing facts to the public. Thank you Clant! One night is to many nights for this type of horse spectical. The rider is bigger than the horse. It looks like a trailer that drags the tailgate due to weight. Poor horse has to sit on it’s rear end, not only from sore front feet but a 300 plus fat low life barbarian . P My heart goes out like so many of you for these innocent helpless horses! Please do all you can to help!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. These abusers are all MITCH McCONNELL’S BUDDIES!!! They pay him to ignore the animal cruelty petition to make it a Felony to soar these poor horses!! How horrid an he be??

    Liked by 3 people

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