The cowboy and the Queen who bonded over horses

A cowboy from California will sit alongside heads of state at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday.

Monty Roberts’ unique method of training horses impressed the Queen and formed the basis of a decades-long friendship.

In 2011, she made Monty an honorary Member of the Royal Victorian Order, an honour bestowed on people who have served the Queen or the monarchy in a personal way.

Monty Roberts, a legendary horse trainer, at his ranch in Solvang, Calif. He developed a long friendship with Queen Elizabeth II, who once invited him to England to discuss his training methods. Click image to read full NYT story.
Credit. David Butow for The New York Times

» Go here for video, The cowboy and the Queen who bonded over horses (2 mins 3 sec), produced by the BBC’s Regan Morris and Chuck Tayman.

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Featured Image: HM The Queen in headscarf watches horses training. Mint Moda.

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