Scotland’s Kelpies plus a vegan Haggis recipe

The Kelpies Historic UK tells us: FALKIRK in Scotland is home to The Kelpies, the largest equine sculpture in the world. Unveiled in April 2014, these 30-metre high horse-head sculptures are situated in Helix Park near the M9 Motorway and are a monument to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial heritage. But what are ‘kelpies’? A kelpie is… Continue reading Scotland’s Kelpies plus a vegan Haggis recipe

A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

THISISCOLOSSAL.COM How about the girl's top. Fun teaser, huh? If you think her computer key bra is cool, check out this fantastic work of art made with around 18,000 vintage computer keys. Vivian just happened to come across it during an internet search and fell in love with it. The article that goes with the… Continue reading A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

Horses in art: 30 wild muses plus the Angel of the South (UK)

Cross-posted from The Daily Telegraph By MARC LEE Mark Wallinger's giant horse has been chosen as the winning design in the quest for the so-called "Angel of the South" and will soon dominate the landscape of north Kent, offering an equine welcome to visitors as they whiz past on the Eurostar trains. To mark the… Continue reading Horses in art: 30 wild muses plus the Angel of the South (UK)

Love of horses inspires art

Linda Pirri celebrates equine therapy with a painting that will raise funds and become part of the Shea Center. By SARAH NOONE | Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot | June 17, 2008 Linda Pirri, a Laguna Beach resident and artist, is watching her love for horses come full circle at “Cirque du Shea,” this year’s theme… Continue reading Love of horses inspires art