A band of heavily pregnant Thoroughbred mares, including a badly crippled horse whose future is uncertain, was rescued from the New Holland Auction Feb. 29, 2016. Via Off Track Thoroughbreds.

Livestock auction in New Holland where meat men prey on horses is banning photos and videos

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — News of the Horse reports that the livestock auction in New Holland, Pennsylvania, is banning photos and videos.

New Holland auction is notorious among horse lovers chiefly because it is one of the largest sales rings where horses are dumped in some of the most deplorable circumstances imaginable and preyed on by meat man acting on behalf of horse slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico.

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of horse slaughter has heard of New Holland auction.

It is where thousands of horses each year enter what has commonly become referred to as the “slaughter pipeline”.

Ford Turner, reporting for McClatchy-Tribune Informational Services, writes:

Every Monday, 200 or more thoroughbreds, Amish-owned work animals, Tennessee walkers, tiny “miniatures” and other varieties of horses pass between tiered plank seats full of auction spectators. The roughly 1,500 consignors, or sellers, who bring animals to the auction every week come from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Maine and elsewhere.

Jo Parto, a humane police officer with Animal Rescue League of Berks County, said [in 2014] New Holland gained a reputation in years past because of cruelty cases. But, she said, New Holland “has cleaned up a lot. They try not to take in the skinny, injured horses.”

Skinny, injured horses are not going to bring much of a price if any, even by the meat man — or should we say especially by the meat man. Meat men, also called kill buyers, are typically paid by the pound. Skinny horses don’t produce much meat. Injured horses aren’t likely to survive the long, painful journey to Mexico or Canada crammed together with other terrified horses with no food or water in all temperatures.

And if New Holland has cleaned up its act, why are they banning photos and videos?

It is pretty apparent to us it is because New Holland auction no longer wants the egregious acts of cruelty committed against the luckless animals who pass through its hands to be exposed and documented. The ones below are cases in point.

Lancaster Online reported in November, 2016:

Animal cruelty officers hope DNA testing will help find the former owner of three mutilated horses found this week at New Holland Sales Stables. Someone used a caustic or acidic substance to obliterate identifying tattoos on the inner lips of the thoroughbred horses, according to veterinarian Dr. James Holt, who works for the auction house. The mares were turned over to the Pennsylvania SPCA. Similar cases have been reported elsewhere in Pennsylvania, PSPCA spokeswoman Gillian Kocher said.

News of the Horse reported:

In March, 2015, a partially blind horse (see below) who was shot over 120 times at close range by a paintball gun was found at the New Holland auction. See original story at Lancaster Online. See follow up story on the “paint ball horse” they named Lily.

Lily, the "Paint Ball Horse", abandoned at New Holland auction, was rescued by Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey. She was treated at New Bolton where she had to have an eye removed, and retired to a sanctuary. Sadly, Lily died, peacefully, shortly thereafter. The owner who dumped Lily at New Holland later said the mare was not hit with paint balls but was "used as a canvass".
Lily, the “Paint Ball Horse”, abandoned at New Holland auction, was rescued by Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey. She was treated at New Bolton where she had to have an eye removed, and retired to a sanctuary. Sadly, Lily died, peacefully, shortly thereafter. The owner who dumped Lily at New Holland later said the mare was not hit with paint balls but was “used as a canvass”.

In May, 2016, a horse was dropped off at the sale in terrible condition. When auction workers saw investigators with Animal Angels documenting the condition of the horse, they took the horse to the back, shot him, and dumped him in the trash. See full story at Animals’ Angels.

News of the Horse point out:

It is illegal in Pennsylvania to sell a horse that “which by reason of debility, disease or lameness, or for other cause, could not be worked or used without violating the laws against cruelty to animals, or leads, rides, drives or transports any such horse for any purpose, except that of conveying the horse to the nearest available appropriate facility for its humane keeping or destruction or for medical or surgical treatment.” See https://www.animallaw.info/statute/pa-cruelty-consolidated-cruelty-statutes.

Where are the people working for the USDA who reportedly have an office at New Holland auction while these crimes are being committed?

28 thoughts on “Livestock auction in New Holland where meat men prey on horses is banning photos and videos”

  1. Keep photographing, You can’t stop peoples heads from getting into your pictures, and since when is there a law against telling and showing the truth.


  2. New Holland is a horrible place to begin with. By not allowing pictures and videos to be taken makes a person wonder why. Obviously it is to hide what is actually going on there. As far as the Amish are concerned, well, who really cares if they don’t like their picture taken. The real reason is because they attribute to the abuse and neglect that these poor horses go through. The horses are treated as a piece of machinery. Does that sound like a Goddly person? Absolutely not to a lot of the English that go to New Holland. This recent rule will bring even more negative publicity to New Holland, if that is even possible.


  3. New Holland was and always be a horrid place! We rescued our horse from there and it still haunts me I couldn’t save them all. I don’t know how people lay their heads down at night and look at them selves in the mirror!! Especially the kill buyers.


    1. There are the ones who still have hope who look at you desperate to be saved. Many have given up and won’t eat or drink and barely raise their heads. I rescued mine years ago and still haunted too. Kill buyers laugh and joke. Take their blood money and could care less. Just another day.


  4. Sick of this totally unacceptable slaughter. People eat right & leave life alone. You cause slaughter & never know what ” Mystery Meat” you eat. Life is to be lived not ate.


  5. And lets not forget the cripples mare a few weeks ago they sold. She was saved. The poor mare left dead on the loading dock and the dead amish horse still in harness.


  6. I am throughly disgusted with New Holland. The fact that they are banning pictures & videos is evidence enough that there are violations. If people who dump their horses are too embarassed to have their pictures taken inside, I challenge someone, anyone who can to please video the drivers and the vehicle tag/licensr plate #s of those bringing any/all equines into the sale. Then document and post and share all pictures of kill buyers, trainers, including the Amish who have so little regard for life that they allow their horses to go through the slaughter house pipeline. How is this different from the concentration camps or slave auctions? If they want to sell their animals at any auction that kill buyers attend, then they should be prepared for their pictures to be taken & shared. There are always consequences to the mistreatment of all animals. Karma is wicked.


  7. The world is full of haters and Amish aren’t so godly either but animal never hurt you unless you abused first so sad people make money off of animals for others dinner plates especially their own pets Time for the world to end cruelty violence etc whereas god at allowing life to be this cruel he’s not so nice to create these ugly people what’s the purpose of the life why he created this for what us to be a cruel place


  8. Total BS they don’t like their pictures taken!! BS they do not want the English to see they are one of the many kill buyers!

    Amish are notorious for treating their animals terrible!! Shit down New Holland!! These animals all deserve better and anyone dealing with kill buyers needs to be punished on the fullest extent!!

    It amazes me that knowing all the different vaccines, hormones and medications given to these animals then u treat the terribly, torture them in the most inhumane wY to add their tainted meat to the food chain!!! Wake the hell up people!!! also eye for an eye what u reap torturing these animals I hope you are ready for the karma train!!

    Those animals bled for ur green – karma is coming!!!


    1. We hate it too Sharon. Horrific. Why do they allow people to dump their animals there in those terrible conditions? Because they might be able to make a buck. No loss if they don’t. The ones they can’t make a buck off of they can simply kill and who’s the wiser; who cares>

      What a world we live in. Lots of countries including the US are quick to point a finger at others like China and mock their humane record? Is anyone doing it right? It is a worldwide crisis.


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