The Horse on the Hill, Nov. 6, 2007

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H. R. 503
As of this writing, the House bill has 188 co-sponsors.

We are delighted to see that Rep. Gene Green (D-TX-29) has signed on to this bill. Rep. Green has been a longstanding supporter of any legislation banning horse slaughter, and can be counted on to vote yes on it.

S. 311
The Senate version of the bill has 36 co-sponsors.

U. S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New YorkOf note is the co-sponsorship of U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). He signed on in support of this bill on November 2, 2007.

Sen. Schumer is a powerful force on the Hill as a member of the Democratic Leadership team. He is active on several high profile committees, and we are grateful to have Sen. Schumer on our team.

If you are from the state of New York, please send him a note of thanks:

313 Hart Senate Building
Washington DC 20510
Fax No: 202 228 0420


The AVMA, whose leadership lobbied against previous legislation banning horse slaughter both at the state and federal levels, are not resting their efforts. They have employed the services of a lobbying firm in Washington D.C. at considerable expense to work against the passage of H. R. 503/S. 311.

Insiders tell us the AVMA arguing that horse slaughter across our borders is inhumane in comparison to how it was conducted in the United States, and are therefore asking members of Congress not to pass H.R. 503/S. 311 because (1) experienced corporate owners should be allowed to slaughter our horses here according to our standards; (2) re-opening of old and the reintroduction of new plants will mean our horses will not be transported hundreds of extra miles where they suffer a worse fate; (3) the shutting of existing plants has proven burdensome to horse owners who want to dispose of their horses via this method. Their lobbyists are even suggesting that the recent double decker tragedy in Illinois would not have happened if horse slaughter was still being conducted in that state.

Please contribute to our successes by making a donation to our lobbying fund today. Interested in recognized giving? Join our Horse on the Hill Gang.

Thank you.

1 thought on “The Horse on the Hill, Nov. 6, 2007”

  1. The AVMA is a disgrace. They seem to have NO concept of what they vowed to uphold when they took their oaths, swearing “to relieve animal suffering….in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.” And some one needs to remind them that captive bolt killing, according to THEIR OWN guidelines, is only “conditionally acceptable” when administered by a licensed vet to an adequately restrained horse. That these people would advocate for a return of slaughter to the US under the guise of it being “better for the animals” speaks volumes about where their concerns lie, and it isn’t with the welfare of the horses.


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