New York Racing Association Adopts Anti-Slaughter Policy (US)

Cross-posted from The New York Times


New York Racing Association CEO and President, Charles Hayward. Photograph from Saratoga Chamber of Commerce Website.

Mr Drape opens with:

The New York Racing Association said it would bar any owner or trainer from competing at its racetracks if any of their horses were sold for slaughter. It also urged horsemen who are part of what is widely considered the premier racing circuit in the nation to support rescue and adoption efforts and to find humane ways of dealing with horses that are unable to continue racing.

and wraps it up with this quote:

“We are fully committed to protecting our sport’s equine athletes,” said Charles Hayward, NYRA’s president and chief executive. “This policy sends the message that horse slaughter will not be tolerated and that those participating in this practice, either knowingly or for lack of due diligence, will not be welcome at Aqueduct, Belmont Park, or Saratoga.”

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Note: Image of Mr Hayward not filed with this story.

We truly needed some uplifting news after the months we have had of one devastating attack after the other on our horses’ welfare, particularly the continued destruction of our wild horses and burros.

Thoroughbreds racing in New York just got a leg up in protection.

We are grateful to the NYRA for these horses.

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