A Solution for America’s Wild Horse Crisis?

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The future of America’s wild horses, or mustangs, is at a critical crossroads. Under the administration of President Obama, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has continued the aggressive roundup, removal, and relocation of wild horses from public lands, prompting advocates to call the new administration the third Bush term as far as the mustangs are concerned.

After following this issue as a reporter for the last six years and seeing the devastation that happened under the Bush administration, I believe this current window of time could prove crucial for the wild horses. Advocates have rebounded from their initial disappointment with Obama’s leadership and are now energized and pragmatic. They feel this may be the last best chance for a change in B.L.M. strategy and for something positive to happen for the horses. Mustang Crisis explores one of these hopeful openings for change. Read more and view Mustang Crisis >>

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1 thought on “A Solution for America’s Wild Horse Crisis?”

  1. Dear Kurt,
    The mustang roundups and relocation are heartless and an example of poor government management of the wild horse issue for the US but here in Australia our wild horses including the courageous and intelligent Waler horses (bred for use in WWI) are mustered and shot in the most horrendous carnage imaginable. An old horseman called Sonny Bullen with a small dedicated group are trying to rescue one such herd of approx. 400 Waler horses recently discovered on a cattle station in central Western Australia. If they aren’t rescued they will be culled. See http://www.walerhorserescue.com for more information. Regards, Maria Simms


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