Hero Jan Steelhammer brings wild horses home from Warm Springs auction

Cross-posted from Equine Advocacy Examiner

Written by MAUREEN HARMONAY | 20 June 2010

Against all odds, Joan Steelhammer did something that no one thought was possible.

The founder of Equine Outreach in Bend, Oregon orchestrated safe passage for all of the horses offered for sale at yesterday’s Warm Springs auction. Not only did they not fall into “commercial” hands, but mares and foals who had been separated prior to the sale were happily reunited, and even six imperiled stallions were granted a reprieve.

“We didn’t know what we were walking into,” confessed Ms. Steelhammer, describing the butterflies in her stomach when she got to the sale grounds. “I broke down sobbing.” But she soon composed herself and got to work. “We got everybody out alive, away from commercial interests,” she said, with a heavy sense of relief and satisfaction. “There was a rodeo stock buyer there, but he went away empty-handed.”

All in all, Joan estimates that about 60 Warm Springs horses changed hands yesterday. Her trainer, Anjuli Bish, kept track of the horses who were being offered for sale, and kept a watchful eye on who was bidding. Five horses went to a private rescuer, and several others were purchased by caring individuals who were interested in providing loving homes. READ MORE >>

1 thought on “Hero Jan Steelhammer brings wild horses home from Warm Springs auction”

  1. WOW ! I am so happy for all of those horses, again I must say Kudos, to all who gave loving caring homes to these Horses………………………………… most of all GIant Kudos to Jan Steelhammer for her gracious love and warm Heart for all the horses………….


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