Thoroughbred racehorse, Paynter. Photo credit: Zayat Stables.

Paynter develops laminitis

Thoroughbred racehorse, Paynter. Photo credit: Zayat Stables.
Thoroughbred racehorse, Paynter. Photo credit: Zayat Stables.

We reported earlier on Payntner and the outpouring of love and prayers for his survival. Paynter rallied over the weekend, but has now taken a turn for the worse.

Our prayers now are that he is spared as much as possible. All of the medical treatments given him to save his life has cost him dearly.

Here’s the opener.


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Ahmed Zayat published a series of posts on his Twitter account (@jazz3162) Tuesday afternoon that paint a grim picture for his Grade 1-winning 3-year-old Paynter. The Awesome Again colt, who’s been battling colitis for the last nine days, has now developed laminitis in three of his four feet. Zayat said he will leave it up to veterinarians to make the call on whether or not to continue the battles. Read more >>

6 thoughts on “Paynter develops laminitis”

  1. My tears and thoughts are with Paynter, I prayed for his recovery…………….I love all the delicate Race Horses , they are a Breed of their own, but they have more delicate constitutions then their counter part horses have, of which we can say is the manner in which they are bred……………….is the cause , why dont they ask other Countries about how they breed their Race Horses , there is something good going on with they way they bred their horses they dont have half the breakdowns we have over here ??????????


  2. Still praying for you PAYNTER. Let “them” know when you don’t want to fight anymore and are suffering. WE LOVE YOU.


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