Take Action for the wild horses of Reno. Protect Mustangs image.

Take action for Wild Horses of SE Reno NV

Take Action for the wild horses of Reno. Protect Mustangs image.
Take Action for the wild horses of Reno. Protect Mustangs image.


Anne Novak of ProtectMustangs.org asks us all to take action on behalf of the wild horses who are living in the outskirts of Southeast Reno.

Anne says:

Here’s some raw footage from my iPhone of Nevada’s wild horses on the outskirts of southeast Reno in January 2012.

These mustangs need your help or they will end up going to slaughter. Please call Governor Sandoval 775-684-5670, from anywhere in the world and politely ask him to STOP the State of Nevada from selling wild horses at auctions frequented by kill-buyers and get the name of the person you spoke with. More info on the YouTube description.

These are the sweetest wild horses. We call them ‘The Ambassadors’ because they get along well with humans and allow a lot of people to get close to them so they can learn about their wild horse families. They live on the outskirts of town so they are accessible to tourists and residents too.

Photo: ProtectMustangs.org. Learn more >>

3 thoughts on “Take action for Wild Horses of SE Reno NV”

  1. R.More: Only those private ranchers benefit. But unfortunately they have lobbyists who work for their cows and sheep.. It is disgusting and wrong.. Some people and organizations continue to fight them in court… Laura Leigh (wildhorseeducation.org) and the The Cloud Foundation. Read about them and donated when you can… they do great work.


  2. I feel a thrill whenever I spot a herd of wild horse or burros. They are gorgeous and add tremendously to the view. What does NOT thrill me is ten times that number of range cattle or sheep as thick as fleas on a homeless dog. Why are a few cattlemen and sheepmen the priority when it comes to OUR public lands? How do the other 99% of the citizens benefit from livestock on the range?


  3. These wild horses are beautiful. I had a drean come true when I got to see some in the wild about 9 or 10 years ago. Rusty, the band stallion, later died of West Nile virus.


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