PHOTO CREDIT: MANDEL NGAN / AFP /Getty Images. In November, 2012, asked a question he did not like by a reporter for The Gazette of Colorado Springs regarding Salazar's association with hauler who shipped wild horses to slaughter plants, Salazar told the reporter, "If you do that to me again, I’ll punch you out". Salazar later apologized.

Obama whispered ready to fire Ken Salazar

President Obama and Ken Salazar. Photo Mandel Ngan AFP / Getty Images.
Obama and Salazar in happier times. Word has it from the Obama camp he intends to fire Salazar, but he has promised this before.

Whispers from the Obama camp say the President may be ready to fire U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Who would welcome that more than wild horse and burro advocates?

Obama has hinted at ridding his administration of Salazar before, but it came to nothing.

Not long ago, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney called for Salazar’s head on a plate, but that was all to do with energy issues.

For horse lovers, it is about America’s iconic mustangs and burros.

Energy and environmental issues are probably highest on the list of most U.S. citizens when it comes to Salazar. However, the heat has been on from the time Obama took office when cruel, escalated, costly and deadly roundups by Salazar’s rogue federal agency, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), began decimating what is left of America’s wild horse and burro herds.

During the Obama administration, citizens have continually flooded the White House with phone calls, faxes and emails, first asking, then pleading with the President to stop all roundups and investigate the BLM. He has even had thousands of wild equine advocates send in questions during social media based Question and Answer programs. Nothing.

Recently leading wild horse activist R. T. Fitch flew with his wife and a colleague to Washington D.C. and hand-delivered to an Obama staff member over 15,000 letters* calling for the President to take action to protect America’s wild horses and burros.

Obama has ignored it all, and refused to take any sort of action to stop the destruction of these federally protected equines.

Perhaps the latest revelations that the BLM are directly or indirectly sending wild horses to slaughter through its so-called sale authority has been the long-awaited, worked for and prayed for catalyst to get Obama to fire Salazar.

Particularly devastating in one report is that a known slaughter horse trader working out of Salazar’s home state of Colorado tried to raise money through Interior Secretary’s brother to open a horse slaughter plant to dump them in.

It also hurts the Obama Administration that the President signed a bill into law that allows horse slaughter to return to U.S. soil, although it was an important budget bill that he could not line veto.

For America’s wild horses and burros it cannot come a moment too soon for Obama to say, “Ken . . . you’re fired.”

Now is the time to put on even more pressure. Please keep working.

* If I do not have that number right, I am sure someone will correct it. Thank you. –Ed.

84 thoughts on “Obama whispered ready to fire Ken Salazar”

  1. I am so glad. I hope the president finally gets rid of Salazar. What gave him the right to round up 50,000 wild horses and kill hundred of wolves? Salazar is a rancher and has a conflict of interest. He wants welfare ranchers and cattle out on the plains.
    Lets up the pressure and call the White House at 202-456-6213


  2. Its all so sad to me, Salzar makes me sick along with many others, i live in colorado an adore my four rescue horses, he is a old man and until he is put out, and again its all of washington and the president, so much is wrong and sad to say too many people in the world and everyone is out of control, not that i want to see a war, but this is probably what its going to take, very sad.


  3. As much as I deplore Ken Salazar…as much as I hope a criminal investigation lands his lily white ass in jail…I have to add that he is not the only one involved here. Washington is to blame. Just about all of them most likely have accepted some sort of ‘donation’ by either the cattlemen associations, big oil & gas, or mining interests. You don’t go in poor and come out rich unless you do. There has to be a better way for We the People to control what our politicians are or are not doing. It’s almost like we have to hire hall monitors to keep track of just what the hell they are doing. Turn on C-Span and see how many showed up for work today. Senators and Congressmen giving hour long speeches to a room of empty chairs. You want to know why the Horse Slaughter Prevention legislation is still sitting in committee in both houses of Congress…Because they don’t come to work and do what we hired them to do. They would rather rename a Post Office than pass an Appropriations Bill. Legislation required to keep the government working past the end of the year.

    This bunch of louts do not care about anything or anybody other than themselves. Paul Ryan voted against increased protections of our Wild Horses and Burros and Bain Capitol is big in the slaughter business. Obama hasn’t even invited any of the major activist groups that have flooded the phone lines to the White House to discuss the issue. He calls Kenny the Cowboy down the hall to tell him what’s going on and we all know what Kenny thinks. Callie Hendrickson’s appointment drove that point home quite well. We can only hope this whisper is true and this scenario will soon end.

    I could fix Washington if someone will just show me where the handle is. I could flush them right down with the rest of the pieces of s that have gone before.


    1. You make good points, but the people voted in the current “Tea Party” congressmen who were funded by special interest groups. The Tea Party has been co-opted by corporate interests, case in point is just one called the Koch Industries, but there are many with big money. Kenny the Cowboy is really a corporation. Now there is a chance to change the House of Representatives. Hope Obama lets Salazar go. It’s still hard to accept that the plight of wild horses is not talked about by the media. There’s nearly a total blackout except for the ranchers’ point of view. If wolf advocates number 60,000 as Earth Justice says, then we have much work to do in getting out the message for wild equines.


      1. Chris, I believe the wild horses and burros have at least that many if not more advocates. So much hard work has been done for them. I only know about the past 10 years but I know it was going on long before I arrived on the scene. We have been ignored by every single Administration. However, the ramped up destruction during Obama’s tour takes your breath away. Absolutely horrible. It’s almost like Salazar has a clock ticking that says to him that he only has so much time to destroy every single last one of them.


        1. You’re right about the ramped up destruction of wild horses under Obama. Glad to know there are at least as many wild horse advocates as wolf advocates.


      2. The media is not talking about it because it would make the President look bad. Not only does it reveal the heart of the man; it also shows that he has no respect for the laws for the US.


        1. I don’t think the media would have any qualms to talk about anything negative regarding Obama. The rightie/progressive media had no problem talking for days about the disastrous first debate with Romney. Actually Romney really came off about as offensive as an irritating gnat on a hot summer’s evening, and it’s obvious to anyone who doesn’t live under a rock that Romney will take whatever position on a topic the audience wants to hear. He desperately wants to be president and will say anything his advisors think will get him there.


      1. A further problem however is that many of the politicians constituents are also crooks as evidenced by one example (and there are many more) by how many people I saw collect unemployment benefits for as long as they could while working under the table but as soon as they couldn’t get any more extensions (I know one guy who was on unemployment for 2 1/2 years) it was amazing to me that many of them had real jobs again within 1-3 weeks of no more unemployment benefits…in my opinion, thats called cheating when it extends for as long as it can be extended (and I’m saying this from a position of never collecting unemployment even though I’ve paid into it for a number of years, because I’ve always gone out and found another job within 1 week of not having the previous job) just because a person can do it, but doesn’t need to do it because they can find another job when they want to………the sad fact is that the ADULTS behavior in our society, whether politicians, parents, celebrities, regular people, etc is influencing the behavior of kids, and as long as they see the adults getting ahead by cheating, lying, mowing down other people and animals, disregarding and throwing away old people, disabled people, animals of all kinds, etc, THAT unfortunately becomes “the norm” that society evolves into….very sad and I’m not so sure theres enough time to fix it now because it has gone on for at least a few generations now at ALL levels of society, not just in the areas of government assistance and generational welfare families who ruin it for the majority who really need that help and don’t abuse the system.


  4. Almost at the 11th hour, Obama MAY get rid of Salzaar. It has been a long time coming with the SakaCzar brutal, heinous decimation of our wild horses, burros, wolves, bison… Just think about this. The soaked, bloody fur, hides, on Salazar’s hands. Massive. Unprecedented. And Obama did not know? Of course he did. And I believe Salazar is accountable for the Gulf oil “spill” and the loss of more, so many more, wild ones. Salazar and Obama were “pals’ as Senators. However, friendship aside, I always felt Salazar held some power over Obama. What? I cannot imagine, but it is obvious Salazar should have been booted long ago when it was “whispered” he was going to be replaced. At this point, for me, Its a toss-up who to vote for. Flip a coin. For I can still feel the the drop of my heart, weakness, fear, with Obama’s betrayal hours after he was inaugurated. But maybe, if Salazar is fired, through the grapevine we might hear something of Obama knowing of his mismanagement of the BLM and the massive killing fields across half of America. Lastly, another question to ponder. Why NOW the escalation of wild horses slaughtered? And wolves? Salazar’s last Hurrah, to put it politely. Wellllll, an F-U to wild horse/burro & wolf advocates…


  5. People can be mad at Obama all they want about Salazar, however, I believe with 4 more years in the White House, Obama will be forced to address this issue the way we wild horse and burro advocates want him to, and rather than us having to start all over with Romney….
    .I also don’t know if anyone else caught it on the debate last night, but when Romney targeted Obama as not being responsible for oil drilling in the US being increased; Romney said the reason it has increased is because its being done on private land, and if he is elected, Romney also said he’d make sure drilling would be done on PUBLIC LAND; if THAT happens, it spells the really rapid demise of the wild horses and burros on Federal land as the private business factions entirely take over OUR PUBLIC LAND, while WE taxpayers are forced to continue subsidizing private businesses operating on OUR PUBLIC LAND to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars.
    So yes, I’m rather ticked at Obama on this issue too, but my vote is still for him over Romney who will give free rein to private businesses to entirely rape and pillage our public land, and who will eradicate the wild horses and burros as quickly as possible even if it means sending them straight to slaughter…….and don’t let Ann Romney being an equestrian fool you folks; I’ve been training and competing in dressage at the National level since 1974, so believe me when I say that the circles and stratosphere Ann runs in and occupies when it comes to horses is far, far removed from the world of wild horses and burros and their plight and survival in the wild.


    1. Very true. Mitt will open Alaska, our public lands, increase offshore drilling. He is for fossil fuels that spells disaster for our wild life and our wild horses.


      1. I am trying to be rude or unkind, but I get extremely frustrated when comments are made that are a contradiction of what we know to be true based on what we have observed being done. Where is the biggest boon doggle wind energy farm in the country? In the Calico Mountains where once wild horses ran. Green energy takes up a huge amount of space for almost no energy production. Furthermore, these windmills are going to be nothing but industrial waste in a few more short years. Meanshile, GREEN energy is occupying large tracks of federal land. Why do you think that fossil fuel industry that requires little water and produces far more usable amounts of energy is going to be the end of our wild horses when just the opposite has been the case.

        Laura, I hope that we get to find out whether the Governor is a reasonable man with a balanced approach to public land use. The truth is that we do not have the technology right now to make green energy efficient enough to take the place of the energy that can be produced from fossil fuels. We might in two years or less, but right now we do not have batteries that can convert the solar panels into productive energy sources.

        I really wish you would quit making judgments about Ann Romney, a person you do not know based on some really self-centered people that you know in your horse business. I am not a riding teacher, but I have been a teacher for over 30 years and I have taught the children of prominent families as well as the children of families who did not even own a car. I have seen the generosity of wealthy people completely transform entire neighborhoods. Wealthy people donate funds to build libraries, chapels, community centers. Some people set up foundations to carry out causes they cared about in life—I never assigned a child a grade based on the child’s zip code, and there are more troubled, wealthy children than you can imagine. Some of my students have on to the prestigous universities in the country, and a few work collecting at jobs like collecting tickets at concerts, washing dishes, etc.

        I seriously doubt that there is much that Mitt Romney does not know about what is happening in the West. He has many personal connections and he has spent weeks at a time campaigning there. You make these comments out of the blue based on people you know without ever studying what the person you are talking about has done historically or why they did what they did. It is just plain wrong.

        I suggest if you want to see what four more years of this President will mean for our federal lands and everything that depends on it for life, that you read up on Agenda 21 and the President’s implementation of it, and then you will understand what makes Ken Salazar such a valuable asset.

        I apologize for my tone in advance, but we are in deep, dark muck with all of this—and we have a chance to get out of it. I cannot guarantee that what we will get into with another administration, but it would be hard to imagine anything worse than this. You mentioned that your husband likes to follow politics, so maybe he is familiar with this administration’s implementation of Agenda 21. Agenda 21, for example, explains why the President is not returning our phone calls as well as he not being unduly concerned that Interior and its agencies are violating multiple federal laws with almost every decision they make…with impunity.


    2. So, it’s ok hat Obama gave BRAZIL $2 BILLION so CHINA could DRILL FOR OIL THERE???? instead of US. Makes ZERO sense nor wise use of US $$$


      1. I live in Nevada and if I looked at all the different countries that are probably leasing and/or buying our public land here for their private business interests, it would be A LOT more countries than just China, I can assure you of that… for whomever you want to, but if you listen to the debate again, you’ll hear Romney chastising Obama that the oil drilling is “up” in the US because its mostly being done on private land…he goes on to say that if he is elected, he will open up federal land to private business interests….hmm, that means to me that we will have far more private business factions operating on our public land if Romney is elected….my vote is for Obama.


      2. “So, it’s ok that Obama gave BRAZIL $2 BILLION so CHINA could DRILL FOR OIL THERE???? instead of US. Makes ZERO sense nor wise use of US $$$”

        This urban legend floated since 2009 by partisans and their newspaper is a lie. What is real and worrisome are the bills in the House of Representatives currently while there are 7226 drilling permits issued by BLM but unused on 38.4 million acres larger than FLA locked up for energy drilling. HR 4383, HR 4382, and HR 4381 Planning for American Energy Act of 2012 requires that public land be used for fossil fuel production regardless of U.S. demand. The bills require drilling/mining to be the primary purpose of federal land reversing 100 yrs of conservation. No public participation allowed in decision making and land is not multipurpose. So then what happens to our wild life and wild equines? What would Teddy R. say?


      3. I understand your sentiment but in reality the gas/oil, even if drilled here, won’t come here anyway – It becomes part of a global market inventory, sold to the highest bidders and swayed by demand in places like China, so even if we destroyed our own ecosystems to drill here, it wouldn’t help our situation one bit. What we need to be doing is supporting NEW IDEAS in energy, new technologies – Not staying dependent on a petroleum-based economy and lifestyle.


      4. I agree with your point of view. Agenda 21 requires that the US is less profitable, and we help developing countries (wouldn’t think that would apply to Brazil) more profitable—You can look at almost every illegal, illogical, job-destroying decision this President has made, and you will find it fits perfectly into Agenda 21.

        The President’s goal is to have us all living in vertical housing in cities where we can walk to work or ride a bike and reserve rural areas for food production and industry, so since horses are a luxury that not everyone can afford, I doubt if we will have any way to have horses.


        1. “So, it’s ok hat Obama gave BRAZIL $2 BILLION so CHINA could DRILL FOR OIL THERE???? instead of US. Makes ZERO sense nor wise use of US $$$”

          The above line is a myth from 2009 and is still a myth.


  6. I hope and pray that this happens. salazar is an abomination in the BLM, the way he has handled our precious American Icon, THE MUSTANGS. He is a GREEDY b_____d with his hand in the ranchers pockets.


  7. I hope that man is tossed out. I don’t believe Romney knows anything about what is happening to the mustangs. Just like I don’t believe his wife knows anything about horse slaughter unless someone tells her about it. Keep in mind that there are millions of Americans still don’t know about horse slaughter and may never know or care about it that’s just the way things are.


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