Bill de Blasio switch on Central Park carriage horses brings activist donations



Carriage horse in mid-town Manhattan

Bill de Blasio has promised to banish carriage horses from Central Park “within the first week” if he becomes mayor — but when he was on the City Council and had a chance to sign on to similar legislation in 2007, he passed.

His change of heart made the public advocate a favorite of well-heeled animal-rights activists who have opened their wallets for him.

Records show that Steve Nislick, who co-founded the animal-rights group NYCLASS, has ponied up the maximum $4,950 for de Blasio’s campaign. Two other NYCLASS pals, Wendy and John Neu, have chipped in $9,900.

More importantly, the organization has spent $774,000 in ads against a key de Blasio Democratic rival, Christine Quinn.

De Blasio spokesman Dan Levitan said the candidate was “skeptical” about ending the carriage- horse tradition back in 2007.

But, “as he met with advocates who brought to his attention the conditions in the industry, he concluded that protecting the horses was more important than the tradition,” Levitan said.

So in March, at a mayoral forum, de Blasio said, “I would ban the horse carriages in Central Park within the first week on the job.” Read more >>

4 thoughts on “Bill de Blasio switch on Central Park carriage horses brings activist donations”

  1. I don’t know who would ever believe a politician about anything. Most will make almost any promise to get elected and to get donations. Don’t be a one issue voter is my advice.


    1. Obama was going to end horse slaughter, right? Still waiting.

      He said he would remove carriage horses from Central Park. Sounds like an “out” clause to me. Maybe he means he will just move them elsewhere!


      1. It means they may well get euthanized. The carriage horses in NYC are very healthy and well regulated. Bill de Blasio has been bought and paid for by animal-killing PETA.


        1. Possibly. But say he hasn’t been bought off. No doubt it is just another campaign promise that will be forgotten and broken by a politician. I wouldn’t bank on de Blasio no matter what side of the issue people are on.


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