BLM critic Grijalva tours wild horse corrals in Nevada

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U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ). Google image.
U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ). Google image.

LAS VEGAS — A major government critic of the Bureau of Land Management’s treatment of wild horses in the West was in Nevada on Wednesday to inspect an agency corral housing 1,500 mustangs recently rounded up from federal range land.

Arizona Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, the top Democrat on a congressional panel on public lands, is taking a tour with several animal advocates for a up-close view of a program that has divided activists and federal officials in 10 states across the West.

“The congressman has been tracking the wild horse and burro issue for pretty much the entire time he’s been on committee, over the last 10 years,” Brandon Bragato, a senior legislative assistant for the congressman, told the Los Angeles Times. “He’s concerned with the way the BLM is managing these animals and the techniques they’re using to restrict herd size on the range. He wants to take a look at the program.”

Grijalva is the ranking member of the House Natural Resources subcommittee on public lands and environmental regulation who was elected in 2002 in the 3rd District representing Tucson.

The tour will take place at the BLM’s temporary holding facility in Palomino Valley north of Reno, where critics say animals have been treated inhumanely and that several animal deaths have occurred. Read more >>

3 thoughts on “BLM critic Grijalva tours wild horse corrals in Nevada”

  1. Looking forward to hearing his comments on what he saw. I wish he’d been selected for Sally Jewell’s job but maybe he’ll be able to do more in his current position. Let’s hope, anyway.


  2. Here is the man that should have had the Job Sally Jewel got , he has been a real true friend to the Mustangs always ,He will defend the Mustangs , can wait for him to elaborate on what he saw there !!!!!


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