Horse Slaughter Stop Sign Decals for Your Cars, Windows and Electronics

Do you remember our anti-horse slaughter car magnets?

Well, things have changed a lot since then. I’ll tell you a funny story about that down the page.


Our Horse Slaughter Stop Sign Decal is approximately 4 by 4 inches and is 100% waterproof. Click to order. ­© The Horse Fund.
Our Horse Slaughter Stop Sign Decal is approximately 4 by 4 inches and is 100% waterproof. Click to order. ­© The Horse Fund.

We now have available for you our horse slaughter stop sign as a decal for use on your cars, windows, walls, phone cases, notebook or tablet. Or how about your lunchbox, thermos or favorite travel mug?

Update: Well, probably not your phone case. Staff say nobody’s phone is that big. Okay. I stand corrected. Maybe we’ll do some little ones for that later.

This awesome decal will work on virtually any smooth, clean, hard surface and 100% weatherproof.

Prices start at $7.99 for one. This includes shipping and handling.

Give us about 5 business days to get it to you.

Please visit our website to order now.


Some years ago now we came out with anti horse slaughter car magnets. They were really popular. Some of you have been with us long enough to remember them.

We eventually had to give up selling them. And here’s why.

We began to receive calls and emails from people saying that they had not received their magnets. We thought okay, it is always possible we overlooked an order or two. So we re-shipped them.

Then we began to get more calls and emails. I called everyone into the room and said we were going to have to step up our game and be more careful. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. But the situation persisted. We couldn’t figure it out.

One day we got a telephone call from our local Houston Post Office.

A letter carrier had opened the mailbox close to our office to take the mail out and what did he see, but envelopes sticking to the inside of it. Quite a few too.

So there were our missing car magnets. But that’s not all.

When he reported it, they decided to call the local sorting office to tell them the story and suggest they might want to look inside their sorting bins there. Guess what? They found a few stuck in there too.

Bear in mind. These magnets were in padded envelopes. But they were strong enough to stay on moving vehicles, right?

We laughed so hard. And still wonder to this day if there are any more stuck out there some place.

Except for us and a few callers, I don’t know that we ever told this story.

Not to worry. This will not happen with your decals.

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