Arabbers acquitted of most serious charges

As usual there is no one to speak up for the horses. —Editor

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A Baltimore district judge acquitted six arabbers Friday of the most serious charges stemming from an inspection at a Hollins Market horse stable last year.

Judge Nicole Pastore-Klein made the ruling on abuse and neglect charges against the men, but five of them still face other charges after the state concluded its case Friday. The trial is expected to continue next month with defense witness testimony.

Deon Dorsey, 35, a stable hand, was acquitted of 41 offenses. Horse owners Donte Miller, Ernest Ford, Malik Muhammed, Leon Hardy and William Murray Jr., who is the stable’s owner, face charges relating to the condition of the stalls.

Dorsey’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Jeffrey Gilleran, said Friday that the remaining charges against the other defendants are “onerous city codes that need to be changed. There are much less draconian ways this could have been addressed.”

He said the defendants “provide a vital service” to the community. “They bring fruits and vegetables in food deserts. The city should be working with them not prosecuting them.”

Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana S. Wen said previously that the city respects the arabbing tradition. “Our mission is to protect the health and safety of our animal residents, just like our human residents,” she said.

An inspection by animal control and health officials on Jan. 13, 2015, resulted in the city seizing 14 horses after finding a strong ammonia smell, feces and a lack of bedding in some of the stalls, according to testimony. The animals were taken to Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Woodbine.

Pastore-Klein cited testimony from veterinarian Richard J. Forfa as crucial to her decision to drop the abuse and neglect charges.

Forfa has testified that he would not have seized the animals from the stable and did not see the horses in need of immediate veterinary care. He also said the horses were in overall good health, Pastore-Klein said, recalling the earlier testimony.

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6 thoughts on “Arabbers acquitted of most serious charges”

  1. When humans live in urine and feces, charges of neglect are evident. Specism has taken the ruling seat in this trial. Third world cultures must be left behind when coming to America. We MUST seeek a better future.

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    1. Yes, indeed Jan. And that is just a sample of the neglect that was going on. It was easily seen.

      What sort of veterinarian is it who says it isn’t cruelty and neglect based on this — he didn’t “see the horses in need of immediate veterinary care”? Of course those of his ilk testify before Congress that slaughter isn’t inhumane too. It seems defense lawyers can always find vets like this for court cases. They are paid “experts” of course. In my opinion, they ought to be stricken off.

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      1. The fight must be taken up to have representation in these issues. The voices we speak with are banned for the very real reason that business for the cruel cannot be conducted with compassion. Yes, their “experts” find no fault. Just that – in the face of cruelty a child can see – IS grounds for exclusion. That IS our fight. Take the care of and business in nonhuman beings away from those who commit and are the of controversy over torture and place it with us who see these beings as with rights of respect and consideration.

        But then what will they do to make a buck? #StoptheKilling and what will we have? Peace. The morally deficient who deal in death as a “necessaary evil” are the enemy of peace. Veterinarians who find no fault in abuse of a nonhuman being are not veterinarians – they are empty suits. Businessmen/women making unethical choices in the face of their oath to do no harm.

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