Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Committee Power

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) uses his influence to not only interfere with the success of pending horse protection legislation, but also existing laws and government agencies in charge of making sure horse welfare regulations are enforced.

Two cruelty issues stand out that McConnell has perpetuated: horse slaughter and horse soring. McConnell has routinely been active in blocking legislation to end both, directly and in Committee.

In the case of horse slaughter, McConnell has blocked bills that would ban it on US soil and would close the loophole on the export of horses to slaughter. In the case of horse soring he has worked against bills that would tighten the Horse Protection Act and worked for bills that would weaken it.

Let’s take a look at what Committees Sen. McConnell is on.

You will see that McConnell sits on Committees and important Subcommittees that have a direct impact on the lives of horses such as Agriculture and Livestock. These are not likely to change much.

GovTrackUS lists the information below on its website.

Mitch McConnell sits on the following committees:

The 115th Congress began at noon on January 3, 2017. Committee assignments for the new Congress have not yet been made. The committee membership information below is as of the end of the 114thCongress, on January 3, 2017.

Why are Committees and Subcommittees so important?

For the bulk of failed legislation, Committees and Subcommittees are where bills go to die. Bills that do not make it out of Committees and Subcommittees do not make it to the House and Senate floors for a vote.

5 thoughts on “Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Committee Power”

  1. I am not speaking for Claudia, but I don’t read it the way you do Linda. Where does Claudia say anyone in particular is responsible for anti-horse activity? She stated, “Think before you vote. Vote for the animals, not for the D or R”. In other words, check how they have voted on animal legislation or their humane scorecard.


  2. Animals are a non-partisan issue, but we all know which side is usually better at this. For years the big money behind the Repubs has gerrymandered our states and elected R legislatures and governors. These people move on to rule us in Congress. It’s been happening in Az for years. If we can’t even pass an abuse bill in a state, how do we expect to pass any kind of animal legislation in Congress? Think before you vote. Vote for the animals, not for the D or R. And vote for your LOCAL legislators, because they are your future congressmen.


    1. Very well put Claudia. This is a big reason we have been focusing at the State level more than ever the past four years.

      The reason it is important to get your Congressmen and women in DC to support federal legislation on banning horse slaughter and getting as many co-sponsors for it as possible is that it becomes immensely helpful when it comes time for renewal of the defunding horse meat inspections in the Agriculture budget bill which is a year by year provision.


      1. Claudia. Your comment contains a contradiction. First you say that Republicans are responsible for anti-horse activity in Congress, then you say not to vote along party lines. Which is it?


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