Photographing the Icelandic horses

Photographer Donal Boyd has a mission to conserve nature through visual advocacy. In this case, his photos of Iceland’s symbol of culture and heritage explore the connection between nature and humanity of his home country through portraiture.

In a story published on Adorama, Boyd says that the story of the Icelandic horse is deeply tied to the people of the country. The breed was developed in Iceland and is smaller than other horses — about the size of large ponies. Icelandic horses tend to live long lives and are considered hardy, much like the people of the northern island nation. Iceland law prohibits horses from being imported into the country and any that are exported are not allowed to return, which means that the horses are subject to few diseases and the Icelandic horse is the only breed of horse on the island.

“I’ve been a resident of Iceland since 2016 and as long as I’ve lived here, I’ve been drawn to the power and mystique of the Icelandic Horse,” Boyd says.

• Source: PetaPixel

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2 thoughts on “Photographing the Icelandic horses”

  1. Is this not the same Iceland that also has ‘horse BLOOD farms’? I hope THE horrific & disturbing ”business” is brought to it’s END with the help of this photographer!


    1. Yes it is. There are 119 such blood farms in Iceland using about 5,000 Icelandic horses overall.

      It was reported at the end of Dec 2021 that: One of the first pieces of legislation being introduced to the newly-formed Icelandic Parliament is a proposed ban on so-called “blood farms”. We are following up. Communication can sometimes be very slow.


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