Call on Schwarzenegger and Feinstein to halt the Twin Peaks roundup

Call, fax, email California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop the BLM roundup in the Twin Peaks HMA that started August 11, 2010, and the continued abominations connected with it.

  • Find contact information here
  • Email the Governor here

    If Governor Schwarzenegger tells you to contact Senator Dianne Feinstein, politely say that you have, and that you request he do the same.

  • Contact U.S. Senator Feinstein via webmail here
  • We realize the weekend approaches, but please telephone her and ask her to intervene on behalf of the Twin Peaks wild horses and call on the BLM to halt the roundup immediately.

  • Senator Feinstein’s number is 415-393-0707
  • ——-

    Sample Language (please use to write your own)

    HALT the Twin Peaks roundup that started today. THESE are the last few herds left in California. BLM is lying about their motives. BLM is turning Californias beautiful pristine mountain wilderness into one giant filthy cowfarm scattered with mining pits and gas pipelines!!

    Twin Peaks is a beautful pristine are where the horses have had a right to live since 1971…BLM has been charged with their protection, and instead they are managing them to extinction. They say the range cannot sustain the horses, but yet they think that 5 times that amount of cows have no problem sustaining themselves on that same land.

    ‎119 horses rounded up by BLM on Twin Peaks today. According to BLM Nancy no babies under 6 months old. According to advocates at least 12 babies under 3 months old, of which one barely a week old. Unbelievably BLM separated ALL babies from mares, only to try to re-unite them later.

    PLEASE HALT the Twin Peaks Roundup that started 8/11/10 NOW!

    Submitted by Anne Novak

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