Rachel Alexandra and her Curlin foal.

Rachel Alexandra, foal taken to equine clinic

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Rachel Alexandra and her Curlin foal.
Rachel Alexandra and her Curlin foal. Image: Stonestreet Farm

Rachel Alexandra, the 2009 Horse of the Year, and her newborn colt have been taken to an equine clinic for pain management related to the birth, according to a spokesman.

Spokeswoman Caroline Shaw said in an e-mail Jan. 27 that Rachel Alexandra and the colt are expected to return to Stonestreet Farm in a couple of days, barring unforeseen issues.

They were taken to Rood and Riddle Equine Clinic in Lexington “as a precautionary measure,” the e-mail said.

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In a press release issued by the owner, it says the mare and foal are expected to return to the farm in a couple of days.

“Rachel has proven to be an extraordinary mother and taking to her feisty colt right away,” said owner Barbara Banke. “I’m a Rachel-chondriac. We are taking every precaution to ensure that Rachel and her colt are healthy and happy.”

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6 thoughts on “Rachel Alexandra, foal taken to equine clinic”

  1. The owners say how caring they are; perhaps so. Who am I to judge? However, their standards do not appear to be high. I did not like many of the decisions they made, such as running her in extreme heat etc.. I know, they’ll just come back and say they know their horse, and we don’t. Now they are going to breed her year after year, like a machine… they all do it. And it is terribly wrong. We’ll see what sort of example the Mosses set with Zenyatta, whether or not they give her womb a rest.


    1. Me too, Barbara, me too. I hate it. My dad would never have bred horses like that. But then he could afford to be kind, and was not greedy. Obviously neither of those descriptions fit these types of people. It is the breeders who are pro horse slaughter and put the pressure on the rest of the industry to back off supporting a law to ban it. I hope justice if finally done, but the blood that has been painfully and tragically spilled in the meantime is unconscionable… to those who have a conscience, of course.


  2. This is worrisome as far as I am concerned. Unless something serious is up I question why they wouldn’t simply have a veterinarian tend to them both at Stonestreet.

    What is even more disturbing is the fact they are going to quickly turn around and breed her again, this time to another large stallion – Bernardini.

    What is wrong with these people? Why do they need to breed these poor mares over and over again? Aren’t they rich enough already? Blatant greed rather than accountability.

    Overbreeding, the curse of the TB industry (and others of course) as well as the rationale for horse slaughter……



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