Horse collapses, dies after Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race

In our opinion, rodeos need to die, not just fade away. According to a professional rodeo promoter who asked to remain anonymous, rodeos are waning in popularity. Sourcing the reason why people attend the mammoth rodeos, for example the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a significant percentage say they go for the concerts, do not view the animals or go into the arena while the rodeo events are going on. They mostly stay outside and enjoy the carnival until the concert begins. Interesting.

A photo of Chad Harden’s crash during the Rangeland Derby in 2012. Photo credit: Christina Ryan, Calgary Herald

A photo of Chad Harden’s crash during the Rangeland Derby in 2012. Photo credit: Christina Ryan, Calgary Herald

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In the meantime, the Calgary Stampede in Canada killed another horse in its deadly chuckwagon race called the Rangeland Derby. Three horses were killed in this event in 2012.

FELICIA PACENTRILLI reporting for the Global news reports:

CALGARY – A post-mortem has been performed on a horse that died at the Calgary Stampede Friday. According to Stampede officials, the horse died of a pulmonary hemorrhage- a ruptured artery that can’t be detected with a test.

The outrider horse collapsed and died Friday night during the Stampede’s chuckwagon race.

Stampede spokeswoman Bonni Clark says the horse and rider were returning to the infield when the animal collapsed.

A veterinarian on scene determined the horse died immediately.

The horse, which was part of Doug Irvine’s team, died after heat four of the race.

Twelve-year-old thoroughbred “Hughey” was not involved in a collision during the heat, and there was no obvious sign of injury.


Hughey was a 12-year old Thoroughbred. This is not our idea of good “re-purposing” of a racehorse. Rest in peace Hughey.

We see nothing positive about rodeos. We write about horses, but the calf-roping is particularly sick. Surely there are ways for Americans to celebrate their “cowboy” roots that do not involve brutalizing and killing animals. Rodeos, rodeos go away. Never come another day.


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5 thoughts on “Horse collapses, dies after Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race”

  1. Oh I so agree, such a sad thing, I recently watched another horse die at a rodeo recently after they used a shock device on him, just sickening all of it that is NOT entertainment no one wants to see animals dying, I certainly don’t. one dying is to many…. STOP THIS so unnecessary … :(


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