Fireworks and Old Glory

Fireworks frighten champion horses at Knoxville farm


Victoria Gillenwater’s passion is taking care of dozens of champion horses at her scenic view farm property.

As she stands next to her multi-titled world champion horse Zander Von Chamelot, she said every Fourth of July, her passion turns into frustration.

“I’m tired and I’ve had enough,” she said about an ongoing fight she’s had against fireworks that spook and scare her horses.

“The sound echoes through this valley and scares the horses to death,” Gillenwater said.

Alongside her horse trainer, Gillenwater demonstrated what happens when her horses hear the pop and fizzle in the Fourth of July sky by popping bubble wrap.

Hearing the noise, two of her horses bucked and ran frightened around an enclosed area.

Every single year our neighbors blow off fireworks like it is Armageddon, and the way the sound echoes we’ve had horses go through fences. We’ve had horses hurl themselves against walls that we couldn’t compete with them,” Gillenwater shared.

She said she has done everything she can to drown out the sound. Read more, add a comment »

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