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Help Tara rehabilitate Mojo and Hotshot — rescued from slaughter

Tara Laging of Horizons Pediatric Therapy writes:

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Meet my two new, very sick geldings Mojo and Hotshot. I gave them tough guy names because they deserve it! The pictures don’t even reveal the severity.

Mojo is a 17 year old sorrel gelding, about 15.2 hands. He is such a loving, sweet boy! He tried so hard to be excited to see his freedom pasture but was to weak to move much. However, he is in much better shape than my other new friend.

Hotshot is a 20 year old sorrel gelding, about 15 hands, in very bad shape. He looks like a walking skeleton, lame, and cannot keep hay or alfalfa in his mouth. It just falls out.

Despite his condition you can see the love in his pitifully caved in face. He has such kind eyes and demonstrated in his sickly way his appreciation as he entered his freedom pasture. I have faith he will make a full recovery.

These boys still have many years to give their amazing service to children and deserve a forever family.

We rescued them from a truck ride to Mexico to be slaughtered. These boys have been with kids their whole life at a children’s camp, but sadly the children’s camp had to close it’s doors. With no one to take them they were almost shipped to slaughter. We literally saved them with 2 hours to spare.
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Please go to Mojo’s and Hotshot’s GoFundMe page and make as generous a contribution as you can. But please bear in mind. It is not the amount that matters but what you give from the heart that is so healing.

Tara explains:

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“I have over 2000 friends on Facebook, if everyone donated $1.00 it would help me tremendously with feeding these two boys, pay their vet bills, farrier bills, dental expenses, and more!”
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Thank you.

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