Help us help carriage horses beat heat and abuse this summer

Carriage horse, Natchez, Mississippi.
Carriage horse on a hot summer day in Natchez, Mississippi.


Temperatures in many parts of the US are already unseasonably high, and a long hot summer predicted for much of the nation and our neighbors to the north.

We are highly concerned about carriage horses who may be forced to work in weather too hot for them, perhaps without enough water, too few breaks and living in uncooled stalls at the end of a hard day. We are also concerned about the impact on their hooves from standing for hours on hot cement and asphalt.


In order for us to have the most comprehensive list of where carriage horses are working and living, we are asking you to be our eyes and ears on their behalf.

Use the report form below and tell us if carriage horses are working in your area, or a town or city you are visiting. We will then be in a position to take action on their behalf now, before anything tragic happens that could have been prevented through early action.

If you know of carriage horses in need of assistance outside the US and Canada, we will do our very best for them as well.


NOTE: Information gathered is exclusively for the purposes stated above, kept in the strictest confidence, and will not be shared, sold or distributed. You will not be added to any of our mailing lists.

2 thoughts on “Help us help carriage horses beat heat and abuse this summer”

  1. Ohh, ah’m skeerd. They must be kidding. I know the US is known to be litigious but there is no legal cause in collecting information. As you say, threats from cowards and bullies mean naught.


  2. Since we posted this, we have received several emails from people with made up names and email addresses that don’t work. Some have been quite threatening. What cowards these people are, and I am happy to say, do NOT represent the majority of carriage horse drivers. They are obviously among the abusers and scared of being ferretted out and punished.

    Here is an example.

    Name: American Citizen
    Addt’l Information: This “directory” will be grounds for legal action, it benefits NO horse. Making a list of honest, hardworking horse caretakers as a target for harassment, are you? Don’t worry, we fight back, and have more supporters than you can even imagine.
    City/Town: Everywhere
    State/Province: USA
    Country: USA


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