Sue Wallis. Source image.

From Wyoming to Missouri “Horse Slaughter Sue” continues to fail

Sue Wallis. Source image.
Sue Wallis. Source image.

Donald Bradley reporting for the Kansas City Star writes a comprehensive article that follows the trail of Sue Wallis, the Wyoming State Representative actively working to return horse slaughter to US soil.

Bradley tells of Wallis’ relentless pursuit starting in her home state of Wyoming and winding up where she is now, in the State of Missouri, how she continues to fail and why.

If you are new to the issue and not yet aware of who Sue Wallis is, you need look no further than this well-researched and written article to bring yourself up to date.

Read report:

14 thoughts on “From Wyoming to Missouri “Horse Slaughter Sue” continues to fail”

  1. Americans also do not want their tax dollars being used to inspect foreign owned horse slaughter facilities. Our tax dollars have so many other more important issues to address— than opening up horse slaughter facilities here in the USA. Most people that I have talked to said– no way —-and more and more are going vegetarian..


  2. When we finally get Congress to just pass– The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act– it would stop the war on horses. Slaughtering horses in the USA is not the American way especially for human consumption when it says on their medicine– NOT TO BE USED FOR FOOD ANIMALS. I think that speaks for itself, .Americans don’t eat HORSES!!


  3. the link to the article by Donald Bradley reporting for the Kansas City Star is not working…do you have a url for this please? I’d like to read and share it. Thank you.


  4. I really don’t know about Indiana. Pretty sure about Texas, but Indiana – I can’t even get an answer on where they stand, let alone do anything about it. Going to be some changes after the election in Nov., but whether it’s for the better or not remains to be seen.


  5. Thanks Vivian, We really do need everyone to do this , this is our aces in the hole…….I am giving it my best here in Ohio, I will not except no for an answer !!!!!!!! Meeting July 29thall my bases are covered……………… is in place………….


  6. Arlene, you are doing great work and we are so proud of you. This is the way to do it. Block all routes through the States. Easier to overturn a federal bill than to overturn a whole bunch of State bills. We have been saying for the last 2-3 years, let’s get it done in the States. Federal gov’t a big fail!


  7. We need to get every State to Ban Horse Slaughter, and also ban the crossing of any of the US States borders, this is how we stop it !!!!!!! I am working on a ban In Ohio , now everyone work on their State , this I think is very important !!!!! SS is a menace to society………………….


  8. Horse Slaughter Sue is callous and cold but the other half of the problem must also be addressed – we now TRANSPORT our horses to their brutal deaths in neighboring countries – Canada and Mexico. They horse slaughterhouses there are unthinkably brutal……plus the long and hideous ride in the back of a horrid truck. Both issues have to be addressed….wouldn’t you agree?


    1. American horses have been exported to Mexico and Canada as long as there have been horse slaughter plants in operation there. This did not start with the closure of horse slaughter plants here.

      Since the plants closed on US soil the same number — actually it’s a bit higher now — are being sent across US borders for slaughter as when the plants operated here. The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act closes the export loophole.

      We are extremely frustrated that the same ineffective politicians introduce this bill Congress after Congress. It seems that no one with any power are willing to put their full weight behind it, and back it against the mighty agriculture industry players, among others. They certainly have constituency support, Congress after Congress, so that is a good sign at least.

      In the meantime, we are working in other areas with State legislators, and also in the EU.


      1. Linda ~ You don’t seem to know that the plants in Mexico ARE the plants that were in Texas. They just moved across the borders and went back to business as usual. Not only are the big commercial plants in Mexico – and most of the plants in Canada – owned by the same people, they are regulated by the same agency – The European Union. All under exactly the same rules. If you think the plants in Mexico an Canada are worse than ours, well, I hate to burst your bubble, but ours were every bit as bad. I LIVED in Dallas and both Beltex and Dallas Crown were less than 50 miles away.

        Not only were the conditions in the plants just as bad, the transport was every bit as horrific, and, since we only had three plants – two close together in Texas and the other in Illinois, there were a lot of very long drives involved then too. Especially since the killers don’t necessarily take the horses to the closest plant. They take them to the plant that has a processing contract for the meat company the killers work for. They could pick up the horses IN Illinois, but if a plant in Texas had the contract, off to Texas it was.

        It’s awful any way you look at it.


        1. Agree totally Suzanne. The slaughter of horses regardless of where it occurs is in no way humane and no different in Canada, for example, than in the US. I will agree the Puntilla knife in Mexico and the horrendous method of immobilization is on a relative scale worse, but all of it is barbaric.


          And perhaps this quote is not fitting here (and I apologize in advance if it offends anyone) but it defines the convictions I have and believe in…..slaughter and it’s cruel consequences are a function of the human race that has spiraled out of control as a result of greed and dominance just because “we can”. Not that it hasn’t gone on for eons of time but it is insanely more brutal where sentient beings are no longer afforded any semblance of what life is defined as. How sad it all is.

          “We cut the throat of a calf and hang it up by the heels to bleed to death so that our veal cutlet may be white; we nail geese to a board and cram them with food because we like the taste of liver disease; we tear birds to pieces to decorate our women’s hats; we mutilate domestic animals for no reason at all except to follow an instinctively cruel fashion; and we connive at the most abominable tortures in the hope of discovering some magical cure for our own diseases by them.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman


  9. Thank you Vivian for posting this article by Mr. Bradley. It is excellent! Point-by-point. Sue Wallis in her relentless, inane, insane, pursuit of blood. For sure, anyone wanting to know about Wallis, this article is a great place to start. “The Facts, Ma’am — Just The Facts,” with a some gusto well-placed. The downright lies. Yes, that is what her spiel is called. Lies. Corruption. And her personal “Nightmare,” to paraphrase: If no horse slaughter agriculture will be dead and people starve and riots in the streets and the beginning of savagery and end of civilization….AND ALL IN ((3)))DAYS! WOW!! Imagine anyone spewing this quackery, and others, pro-slaughter, following?! Lastly, but very importantly, I especially felt in my *heart, Bradley’s counter-point to the Wallis spin that horses, cows, pigs are all the same. Bradley: ” The cavalry didn’t ride to the rescue on Black Angus.” When pro-slaughter talks, and this Wallis argument comes up, my mind and *heart goes to the beauty and symbolism of the black riderless horse, boots backwards, in funeral marches in D.C. for Presidents. Only grace, the majesty, the nobility of the horse would be appropriate for this somber, yet honored, occasion. And when the horse passes the crowds, they go silent. Reverence, aided by the black beauty. Powerful! Oh my, a tear here…


    1. Wonderful sentiments Ronnie. Thank you for sharing them.

      Just the opposite of what Wallis says is true of course. The agriculture industry as a whole actually would thrive. America would return to its former days of glory of being the “breadbasket of the world” if all animal agriculture — slaughtering animals for their meat — was stopped. There are numerous reports that support this with verifiable facts and figures.

      It would also be highly valuable to our planet, not to mention human health. Imagine how that would help people and reduce health care costs. It is a lovely thought and should be the goal.

      Wallis’s way of thinking is on the way out and hopefully so is she when it comes to this issue. Animal agriculture are running scared and why they are so desperate with their manipulative misrepresentations to try to keep their flagging part of the industry alive. They say Americans will never stop eating meat. They already are!

      I wish Wallis would find another cause to pursue. One that would do her credit. It is never too late to change for the better. She would actually be saluted by all of us if she were to see the light and move on to something else.


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