Slaughter bound horse trailer Nashville TN June 2012

Tennessee slaughter horse hauler may be open under new name

Three Angels Farm may have new “chameleon” carrier

NBC News Ch. 4 WSMV Nashville reports:

Slaughter bound horse trailer Nashville TN June 2012
Horses from Three Angels Farms are transferred from collapsed trailer on I-440 south of Nashville. The trailer was on the way to slaughter house in Mexico, police say. The driver received multiple citations. This is the second accident involving horses being trucked to slaughter by Dorian Ayache’s Three Angels Farm in Lebanon. News Channel 5 image.

Murfreesoboro, TN – A Lebanon company that was shut down last month after two accidents involving trailers loaded with horses appears to be up and running again under a new name and in a new location.

A nonprofit group that opposed horse slaughter took a series of pictures on July 21 in Forth Worth, TX. The pictures show a truck loaded with horses, presumably headed to a slaughterhouse in Mexico.

The truck still had markings showing it was from Lebanon, TN, and the door of the truck is marked “Lil Tex,” which is the nickname of the owner of Three Angels Farm, Dorian Ayache.

When a trucking company has a bad record and reopens under a new name, federal authorities call that a “chameleon” carrier. Ayache has admitted before to opening a new company under a new DOT number. He told federal investigators after his January horse trailer wreck that he opened a company using his brother’s name because his own record was so bad. Continue reading >>


Three Angels Farm ordered to cease transporting horses; News Channel 5; Jun. 29, 2012

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At least one slaughter bound horses killed in Tennessee trailer crash; Tuesday’s Horse; Jun. 12, 2012

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Trucker exposes Three Angels slaughter monger Dorian Ayache of horse cruelty; Tuesdays Horse; Jan. 21, 2012

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Trailer carrying 36 horses overturns on I-40; News Channel 5; Jan. 16, 2012

8 thoughts on “Tennessee slaughter horse hauler may be open under new name”

  1. Has anyone contacted DOT concerning this? This is strictly against the order that USDA handed down. I am going to try to contact DOT on Monday and complain about this. There needs to be criminal prosecution at some point and not just fines and orders which the demon of horse’s hell just wipe’s his backside with.


  2. Great information and very useful. This will be posted on social media. To bring more media attention, is it possible to stage a public action at the site? A large nonviolent group would be very helpful in bringing public attention to this (criminal) activity. Is it possible to contact the DOT? Is there anyone observing and reporting at auctions in KY/TN? Does anyone know if anyone is working on any of these options? If anyone knows, please email me at


  3. The sooner the better, can’t be any worse for the horses than having to endure that long horrible ride to SLAUGHTER. And if a couple of the “humans” have to leave this planet, it won’t be a big loss, as far as I’m concerned.


  4. Why are chameleon carriers allowed when they are so obvious? How long until the next Dorian Ayache / Three Angels Farm trailer accident full of slaughter bound horses? I suppose one of these crashes will need to kill a human or two instead of simply clogging traffic before these criminals are taken off the road for good.


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