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So happy together — Supporters of Kentucky State bill SB139 reducing horses to livestock status

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER (KENTUCKY) — Here are quotes from the Paulick Report regarding Kentucky state bill SB139 from groups and individuals openly excited about the prospect of Kentucky horses being reduced to livestock status. There is an Action Alert for Kentuckians immediately following.

From our experience many of them are pro horse slaughter. We don’t know any of them that are against it. They haven’t publicly said so that we can find. If they have and we missed it, please let us know.

Let’s start off with KEEP and the person who put the bill together and is pushing it through.

“Securing livestock classification of horses and equine has been among the top policy priorities of the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP), since being founded in 2004.”

Per Sen. Robin Webb of Grayson County who sponsored Senate Bill 139: “Our statutes have been historically inconsistent with the designation of the horse as livestock. We have the support of AAEP, which has taken this position publicly, as well as our major horse-industry groups,” Webb told her fellow committee members before their vote, referencing the American Association of Equine Practitioners, which represents veterinarians of all horse breeds and disciplines.”

The AAEP have been pro horse slaughter as long as we have been advocating for horses. We are in our 14th year.

Agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles, who represented Scott County as a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, applauded the action.

“As chair of the horse farm subcommittee in the Senate, I couldn’t vote any other way on this legislation,” said Sen. Steve West, who lives in Paris and whose district includes some of the most famous Thoroughbred farms in the world. “Basically, it’s equity and fairness for the horse industry.”

Said Thayer [Sen. Damon Thayer, the Republican’s majority floor leader from Georgetown]: “I think horses are livestock, and should be treated as such in the tax code. I’m hopeful some day, when we do tax reform, we can get tax parity for the equine industry. I think this bill is a good step in the right direction.”

All about the horse industry, never about the horses. More on that coming up.

In the meantime, listen to this joker.

Said Sen. Dorsey Ridley of Henderson, whose district includes Ellis Park: “It just puts them all (livestock) in one classification. It’s an effort to make sure that horses are certainly not taken advantage of, but by the same token, it’s to protect our property. I was glad to be a part of it. It is a big thing for the Thoroughbred industry — and for all horses.”

Someone please explain to me why he and these others are so glad to see Kentucky horses reduced to livestock status? What more is going on here to make them all so joyous?

But here’s the worst of the bunch.

They is nothing benevolent about these folks. It sickens us that they use the word “horsemen” in describing themselves. They always seem to be for anything that is bad for the horse and against anything that is good. They have also been pro horse slaughter insofar as we have seen these many years.

“This legislation is a significant step for the horse industry and our membership,” said Martin Maline, executive director of the Kentucky division of the Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association, which represents about 6,000 owners and trainers involved in horse racing in the commonwealth. “The livestock designation offers other important protections for everyone who owns and works with horses. We applaud members of committee, and hope Senator Webb’s bill sails through the full Senate and state legislature.”

“. . . protections for everyone who owns and works with horses.” Naturally.

If this is all about tax breaks, then why not simply prepare legislation now to bring this about?

Perhaps they are simply paving the way for this by getting the horses’s classification changed first. We simply don’t believe it.

Has it ever occurred to these geniuses that they could do something to benefit the horses for a change?

Where is their vision?

The horse industry could pave the way for a future that is kinder and more appreciative by giving horses their own unique status with all the tax perks and other entitlements they deserve — elevate their status not lower it. And still make plenty of money. Bushel loads of it.

What better place than Kentucky to set the highest possible standard for horses and reward everyone who is involved in their lives?

Simply put, it has not occurred to these people because the US horse industry including Kentucky is mired in callousness, greed and corruption. They care nothing about the horses they use. Absolutely nothing. Or they wouldn’t reduce the Kentucky horse’s status to livestock putting them more in harm’s way than ever removing precious protections.

To people of this ilk horses are just something they can grind out, use up, and destroy — preferably getting that last drop of blood money out of them on their way out.

By the way, look who else is excited about SB139 apart from the ones in the Paulick Report. Kentucky Food and Farm Files. Why is that? See


We invite Kentucky residents to call (800) 372 7181 and leave a recorded message for your Kentucky State Representative (not your Senator this time) or use their contact form saying you OPPOSE SB139.

You must act right away. The clock is ticking. You can call or write to them online anytime day or night. How about right now?

If you need more information please go here:

Tip: We write down what we are going to say before we call. It is a very important issue and we want to present ourselves the best way we can on behalf of these horses. Speak from your heart as well as your head!


We spoke with numerous Kentucky State Senators and Representatives today.

Nine of the 13 stated without prompting that they see how this change in status from domestic animal to livestock can pave the way for horse slaughter in Kentucky and felt this might be an underlying part of SB139’s goal, or at least a convenient byproduct. The other four when we asked them agreed with those sentiments to the letter.

All 13, even the ones who admitted they voted for SB139, stated that this change in status will negatively impact the standard of living of Kentucky horses without horse slaughter and of course definitely with it. And this in the self-proclaimed horse capital of the world.

Important! Some of them stated they voted for SB139 because they did not hear from a single constituent about it.

Get on the phone Kentuckians! Make your voices heard on behalf of the horses.



5 thoughts on “So happy together — Supporters of Kentucky State bill SB139 reducing horses to livestock status”

  1. According to Ms. Webb – her “favorite” horse is her companion BUT not a companion animal – hes livestock! I can only imagine what a warm & loving relationship she has with her livestock!


  2. Racehorses have been DOMESTICATED!

    Classing them as livestock is clearly wrong. Just walked out of a racing stable and the living conditions not only reek of animal cruelty but these horses have well and truly been domesticated living in a stall the size of a small bedroom and it’s the horses’ bathroom as well!

    Horses watching a groom cooking up a meal in a kitchenette just a few metres from them. Confined about 23 hours a day in their domesticated housing.

    Livestock animals roam large expanses of land and have freedom.

    These politicians supporting SB139 need to be certified and replaced with people who know the difference between domesticated and livestock animals.

    Shame on the State of Kentucky.


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