Even with a developer looming over the last horse-drawn carriage company in Philly, this local activist wants a law in place that protects horses

By Brion Shreffler | Grid Philly

When it comes to horse-drawn carriages in the city, the idyllic clip-clop of hooves on black top may be what comes to mind for most. That, and watching tourists take in the sites in Old City as everyone else on the road tries to get past on our bikes or in our cars. 

What most of us don’t see is the sight of broken down horses after they’re too worn down to continue pulling carriages. After all, who would want to take a date for a romantic cruise around the park if the ride came with seeing the effects of crippling arthritis and bone degeneration within the very animals whose majesty helped sell the rides in the first place?

But someone needs to look out for the horses—and that’s why Janet White founded Carriage Horse Freedom, an advocacy group that has a simple goal: to push for a legislative ban for horse-drawn carriages in Philadelphia.

White is hopeful that a bill could be introduced soon that would bring Philadelphia on par with Chicago, Salt Lake City, Montreal, Amsterdam, and Guadalajara in banning horse-drawn carriages. Her optimism is largely shaped by how Councilmember Mark Squilla has taken up the issue.

In 2017, White pressed the city on the inhumane conditions at the Philadelphia Carriage Company at 13th & Callowhill. Squilla joined an inspection conducted by L&I and Animal Control that eventually resulted in the stable’s closure after scores of code violations were uncovered.   

That closure left one carriage company in operation in Philadelphia: The 76 Carriage Company at 1648 North Hancock St. in Kensington.

White, however, is not counting on developers to put an end to horse-drawn carriages in Philadelphia.

“The ban is essential,” White says. Keep reading »

Well done Janet. You are a star!

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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