Homemade horse treats with cinnamon and oats

Hello and happy Friday. Friday is typically our day for posting recipes. Well, in honour of that tradition we are posting a recipe today — but not for us humans. For horses. Don’t go away.

You might be thinking, well I don’t have any horses. How about calling up a local horse rescue or sanctuary, tell them what you have in mind, and ask when a good time is to call on them? Now, it may be you will need to know these folks already, because they are some pretty protective people, and might not think it’s a good idea to feed something to their horses from people they don’t really know. Call them up and see though.

The other alternative of course is to share with horse owning friends. They will love you forever for it!

Homemade Horse Treats with Cinnamon & Oats recipe

This comes from Joanne Masterson of Stable, Table and Crafts. Here’s what you will need.


Go here for directions »

Joanne says:

“This crunchy homemade horse treat recipe makes about 200 1.5-inch wafers. You can stash a handful in your pocket without breaking them. They last for weeks in an airtight container.”

By the way, Joanne also does basket weaving with plastic bags. They are really cool.

Thanks everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade horse treats with cinnamon and oats”

  1. Oh goodness but these *treats* sound/look yummy..
    ..lucky horses..
    (gee what’s in these that humans can’t eat? grins. ☺)

    Liked by 1 person

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