Presidential Horses

IT is difficult to imagine that just one hundred years ago horses were still the primary means of transportation. For some presidents, horses were not just a necessity but also a part of their image. Before photographs, the military presidents, especially, were often portrayed in paintings on horseback. Numerous portraits of George Washington in his… Continue reading Presidential Horses

It’s Nat’l Mule Day

by HORSE FUND STAFF National Mule Day — October 26th — recognizes an intelligent pack animal many mistaken to be stubborn. A mule is a hybrid cross between a male donkey (jack) and a female horse. As a hybrid, the animal inherits characteristics from both parents. The mule possesses the strength, intelligence, patience, perseverance, endurance,… Continue reading It’s Nat’l Mule Day

George Washington’s valiant Revoluntiary War steed Nelson

George Washington was a noted horseman of his time, an exceptional rider with a rich appreciation of the horses who graced his life and served him. During the American Revolutionary War, there were two horses prominently connected to him. One was Blueskin, a dashing stallion "of a dark iron-gray color, approaching to blue"; the other… Continue reading George Washington’s valiant Revoluntiary War steed Nelson

White horses captivate us; all eyes on Kentucky Derby entry Hansen

Hansen schooling in the paddock May 3, 2012, at Churchill Downs. Image by Eric Kalet.

From an article written by FRANK DEFORD for Sports Illustrated, May 2, 2012: The two-year-old champion colt named Hansen will not be the favorite in the Kentucky Derby on May 5, but most eyes will unavoidably be upon him. You see, in a field of chestnuts and bays, Hansen is a brilliant white. Well, technically… Continue reading White horses captivate us; all eyes on Kentucky Derby entry Hansen

Synchronised and According to Pete killed in the Grand National

Synchronized riden by Tony McCoy, centre, wearing green silks with yellow bands, falls after jumping Becher's Brook. Photo: SCOTT HEPPELL / AP

Last update 8:33 pm The Daily Telegraph reports: It is the second time in two years that two horses have died in the Grand National. The deaths will reignite the controversy surrounding the sport. Millions of television viewers saw Gold Cup winner Synchronised and According to Pete fall at the sixth fence – Becher’s Brook.… Continue reading Synchronised and According to Pete killed in the Grand National

Horse Racing: Breeding for Trouble

Eight Belles is euthanized on the track after crashing down on her chest when both of her front legs shattered following the finish of the 2008 Kentucky Derby.

By JANE ALLINResearch Analyst, Int'l Fund for Horses “As the 20 horses were being loaded into the starting gate for the (2008) Kentucky Derby, with Eight Belles — standing in post position five— poised to make her bid to become only the fourth filly in history to win America's most important race, Ellen Parker, a… Continue reading Horse Racing: Breeding for Trouble