Aprela® — the making of a new pregnant mare’s urine drug

Part 1 of a Special Report by Jane Allin October 3, 2013 looms as the harbinger of foreboding news for PMU mares and their foals. This is the day that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will make a decision whether or not to approve Ligand Pharmaceutical’s dual-acting drug Aprela® for the treatment of… Continue reading Aprela® — the making of a new pregnant mare’s urine drug

Pfizer’s love affair with carcinogens continues with Aprela®

Belgian Cross by Leslie Town

UPDATE: Aprela approved by the FDA during last federal government shutdown under the name Duavee. Written by JANE ALLIN Pfizer’s recent announcement to seek U.S. regulatory approval for their combined menopausal-osteoporosis drug Aprela® is nothing short of an appalling money grab and a ruse to defer negative focus from their controversial hormone-replacement therapies – Prempro®… Continue reading Pfizer’s love affair with carcinogens continues with Aprela®

Where are the PMU farms?

by JANE ALLIN The year 2010 saw the reduction in the number of farms in the North American PMU industry dwindle to a mere 26 ranches housing approximately 40 horses each. This is a far cry from the once prolific industry that flourished in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota where at the peak of its… Continue reading Where are the PMU farms?