NASCAR links partnership with the startup behind a blockchain-based digital horse racing game

Note: Everyone around here knows that our editor, Vivian, is wild about the idea of virtual horse racing. It is her view and deep seated wish that it will eventually replace racing with actual horses. —TH. Written by Saniya Moore / / 5th August 2021 Quick Take American auto racing company NASCAR has partnered… Continue reading NASCAR links partnership with the startup behind a blockchain-based digital horse racing game

Kentucky Horse Racing Commissioners have business ties with Baffert, PETA says

PRESS RELEASE | 11 MAY 2021 Louisville, Ky. – PETA is calling on the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) to explain how it will deal with conflicts of interest that may arise in adjudicating an alleged drug violation by Bob Baffert, given that three commissioners appear to have business ties with the trainer. The letter to the commission,… Continue reading Kentucky Horse Racing Commissioners have business ties with Baffert, PETA says


Is it too early to say New Year's resolution? How about resolving right now to volunteer in 2019 with The Horse Fund? The Horse Fund thrives because of our dedicated team of volunteers. We have two types of volunteers. But before we get to that, please know that we are not a rescue; we do not… Continue reading Volunteer!

Abandoned horse survives 6 weeks in Wyoming wilderness

Updated Jan. 27, 2017 CHEYENNE, WYO. — On a 16-mile trek off a mountain, a young horse lay down — she could not go another step. The mare looked deathly ill to the men leading a train of horses out of a base camp for hunting and fishing excursions. In a race against the weather… Continue reading Abandoned horse survives 6 weeks in Wyoming wilderness

Would you join in a “die in” protest for horses?

PETA protesters stage a Die-In against seal hunting with one protester draped in a white fur coat donated by Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall, at Canada House on March 31, 2009 in London, England.

I was searching the internet for images to illustrate a post when I came across some pictures of "die in" protests like this one. A die-in, sometimes known as a lie-in, is a form of protest in which participants simulate being dead. Die-ins are a tactic that has been used by a variety of protest… Continue reading Would you join in a “die in” protest for horses?

Who made these horse hair boots?

We have seen this photo around social media labeled horse hair boots. If you have seen it too and know where it comes from please let us know. We are also looking for someone who works in the fashion industry who knows about textiles to please contact us to answer a few questions. We are… Continue reading Who made these horse hair boots?

Happy Independence Day

Fund Horse, US Flag and Capitol Dome. Vivian Grant Farrell.

In the spirit of all the 4th of July holiday represents, let's keep working together to give our horses all they so richly deserve, to live peacefully, freely, in perfect harmony. Let our horses know only kindness, consideration and most importantly, gratitude for all the divinely beautiful qualities they express. Thank you for following our… Continue reading Happy Independence Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

We all have sweethearts, don't we? Really. We do -- our beloved horses around the world. Every one of them are our sweethearts, full of love, ready to give and receive love. Even those horses who appear shy, or not very sociable, they are sweethearts too. There is a loving heart inside that waits only… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

2014 and the Year of the Horse

I found the following information by writer, tarot reader and astrology consultant, Susan Levitt. Levitt is giving her annual Chinese New Year talk, Friday evening January 24, 2014 at 7:30 pm at East West Books, 324 Castro Street in Mountain View, California. As Susan explains, the Year of the Wood Horse (more on that later)… Continue reading 2014 and the Year of the Horse