A horse track with no rules

On-track drug injections, shock devices and a dead jockey: A “bush track” in Georgia is one of dozens that profit outside the reach of regulation. WASHINGTON POST by GUS GARCIA-ROBERTS |Published August 5, 2022/Updated August 6, 2022 MILNER, Ga. — In this population-800 town in rural Georgia, where residents along winding country roads fly the… Continue reading A horse track with no rules

Texas company clones famous rodeo horse

Prometea grazing with her "dame", the first cloned horses.

By Matthew Kinchla, ABC News Channel 7 ( June 10th 2020) — AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) — There is no question, the bond between human and animal is special. However, humans typically outlive their favorite pet, their best animal worker, or even their best racer. One Texas organization is making it possible through cloning, to keep that relationship… Continue reading Texas company clones famous rodeo horse

Texas horses confirmed with Equine Infectious Anemia

Syringe. Horse. Image by Anne Eberhard.

The two affected Quarter Horses have been euthanized. THE HORSE magazine (thehorse.com) reports: Officials at the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) confirmed two Quarter Horses in Harris County with equine infectious anemia (EIA) on March 26. The premises has been quarantined until TAHC’s requirements are met, and the owner and local veterinarian are working closely… Continue reading Texas horses confirmed with Equine Infectious Anemia

Two Quarter Horses die at Louisiana Downs

Quarter Horse standing in pasture. iStock photo.

We do not post much about Quarter Horse racing fatalities. Shame on us for not doing so. “Lrh Fast as Oak” and “Perry Train” According to Equibase, two "fell and were euthanzied" on opening day of Louisiana Downs' Quarter Horse race meeting. Their names were “Lrh Fast as Oak” and “Perry Train”. They were only… Continue reading Two Quarter Horses die at Louisiana Downs

Horse rescue event this weekend in Mechanicsville

MECHANICSVILLE, Maryland (Oct. 5, 2018) — This weekend, Last Chance Animal Rescue and the Maryland Fund for Horses will host “Appy Fest,” a two-day family friendly festival (Oct 6 and 7) celebrating the rehabilitation and training of some of the 100 plus starving, feral Appaloosa/Quarter horses seized from a farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore (read their… Continue reading Horse rescue event this weekend in Mechanicsville

Horse Racing Wrongs: Last week’s broken, bleeding and dead

Patrick Buttello reports and protests the mayhem and deaths associated with U.S. horse racing on a continual basis. Here is a sample of his work. Lest we forget. There is much more on his website. Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse Racing (Equibase) Compiled by Patrick Buttello at HorseRacingWrongs » You Know Too "was pulled up… Continue reading Horse Racing Wrongs: Last week’s broken, bleeding and dead

AQHA to name and shame abusers


The News of the Horses reports: Amarillo, TX – (July 14, 2016) The American Quarter Horse Association has strengthened its Name and Shame policy for members who abuse their horses, the association announced. The AQHA will continue to post press releases on their website of horse abuse and unsportsmanlike behavior. Ensuring the humane treatment of… Continue reading AQHA to name and shame abusers

Swiss and German Quarter Horse Associations raise the age for competition

AMT Equestrian Services posted the following to Facebook: Fantastic news for the welfare of horses coming out of Switzerland and Germany yet again! Their respective Quarter Horse associations have resolved to prohibit 3 year old horses from ridden competitions and futurities as of March 2016. Horses must be at least 4 years old before they… Continue reading Swiss and German Quarter Horse Associations raise the age for competition

Lawsuit over quarter horse’s clone may redefine animal breeding

By SAMANTHA MASUNAGA Los Angeles Times » Texas horse breeder Jason Abraham and veterinarian Gregg Veneklasen sued the American Quarter Horse Assn., claiming that Lynx Melody Too should be allowed to register as an official quarter horse. A Texas jury decided in their favor in 2013, but a three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit… Continue reading Lawsuit over quarter horse’s clone may redefine animal breeding

Cloning horses creates mixed emotions for Thoroughbred industry and advocates

Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion. PIERRE VERDY/AFP/Getty Images.

Written by BRITTANY PELLETZ Cross-posted from WKYT CBS News Lexington People are paying top dollar for foals, who are not bred on the farm but instead inside of a lab. Cloning has created some controversy, but supporters say there is nothing wrong with it. Despite technological advancements, many in the thoroughbred industry are more concerned… Continue reading Cloning horses creates mixed emotions for Thoroughbred industry and advocates